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PK's Starting 22


$ 125.00

 /  1 month


Email pkuharsky @ gmail.com for waiting-list information.

You get a site subscription -- articles, videos, podcasts and a 5 percent discount at TennesseeTickets.com -- plus major perks in the form of access to me. You’re invited to four group gatherings a year where I will buy the first round and we will build a circle of trust and talk about a lot of stuff that doesn’t wind up in print. These events may feature special guests. You get me and my bad golf game in your foursome once a year, or if you don’t golf we’ll find a comparable way to get together. You get a spot in a Pick ‘Em pool where we will all pick every game all season long against the spread and see if we can fare better than a coin flip. (I’ve lost to the coin before.) You’ll get my cell phone number and be part of group texts in addition to being able to text me any time.


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