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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- There have been deleted posts and duplicates by mistake and some news stories I had lined up that didn’t pan out that never went live.IMG 4136

So this post does not technically mark 1,000 pieces at

But inside the tool where I compose and construct and design the work that appears here, this is post No. 1,000.

And I can’t see that number and not mark the occasion.

We started this deal on July 31, 2017 with Greetings and welcome to

And there have been guest posts by Blake Beddingfield and John Glennon and Steve Cavendish, so I’ve not written them all. [Unlocked.]

I can’t begin to run down all the stuff we’ve covered and done together here and how much fun this has been for me. I had no doubt about my ability to bring you top-notch Titans’ content, but I had no clue about running a small business. I’ve learned a lot about both and about your commitment to the community we’ve created together.

So whether you’ve been around for all 1,000 posts plus the Periscopes/Facebook Lives and the private Facebook group conversations or whether you’ve been part of or remain in the All 22, I thank you.

To everyone who’s had a hand in sponsorship, I thank you too and we’ve got some shifting ahead in that department.

I’m proud of the 695 days of work and am I excited to keep it coming.

I welcome your suggestions on areas I can explore and ways I can make the site better.

And if you're not part of the club yet, it's a good time to jump in. Right now we've got a 1,000th-post sale that gives you 25 percent off our already very reasonable price.

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