The underneath passing game could fuel Arthur Smith's offense

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Amid a lot of offensive uncertainty, there is one element of what the Titans are about to build that has the potential to be super-effective, a staple they can rely on and build from.

With the addition of Adam Humphries and the return of Delanie Walker, Marcus Mariota has two primary weapons available to him who know how to regularly get open underneath and Dion Lewis should be a good option out of the backfield. A.J. Brown can be a factor in that too.HumphriesShortGame

The quarterback won’t need extended protection to find crafty players who can find space.

Humphries, a top slot receiver, was signed because the Titans were one of the least productive teams out of the slot in the NFL last season.

“I think if the quarterback and receiver have a really good connection, if you run a good route and the quarterback’s got a good pocket, and can get it out of his hands quick and on time in the right spot, I think it


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