Titans need to try more no-huddle with Marcus Mariota

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – When the Titans stalled in 2016, they’d occasionally jump into no-huddle.

It served as a change-of-pace for the offense, often jump-starting things. The Titans could dictate some matchups by not substituting, thereby not allowing an opponent to substitute.

But in 2017, no-huddling has been hard to find outside of 2-minute drills and faster play dictated by a big deficit. The Titans did it a bit against the Ravens on Nov. 5 coming out of their bye.HuddleSEA

That was cause for optimism. Maybe their bye-week review prompted them to go back to it?

Mike Mularkey said film showed the Ravens were susceptible to it.

We haven’t seen it since.


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