Tracking Mike Vrabel's movement as he watched Sunday's practice unfold

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mike Vrabel is like the cartoon Tasmanian devil when the Titans are spread out at practice.

He runs to one group, watches for a bit, jumps in to get his hands on one guy with some advice picking up on what the position coach is talking about, steps back, gradually backs out, then spins his head, turning his attention and closing in on the next group to repeat the process.VrabelWalker

             (Mike Vrabel works hand-on with Delanie Walker during Saturday's training camp practice.)

It looked simultaneously exhausting and energizing, and I’m certain knowing the head coach might step into your drill at any moment adds life to the individual practice period, where positions work by themselves. Sunday’s was 15 minutes long and Vrabel made it to inside linebackers, outside linebacker, the defensive line, the offensive line, back to the defensive line and back to the inside backers.


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