Unboxing some old Titans and NFL memorabilia I'd left behind

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Years ago, when I was driven out of a lovely Nashville neighborhood of bungalows by a country music star who insisted on building a tower with a recording studio and a dance club right next door, I left a box in a high storage area of our old houseScreen Shot 2019 07 15 at 8.54.12 AM

Remarkably, about 13 years later, the owner reached out to my wife to see if it was ours and I was able to go pick it up.

I'm not one to display a bunch of memorabilia. But if I was, the box was filled with the sort of stuff that would be on offices shelves not in storage.

I opened it in this video with the assistance of my nine-year-old son. I think you will really be interested in a couple of the items that qualify as one-of-a-kind Titans' stuff.


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