YAZOO PODCAST: John Middlekauff measures Marcus Mariota against Derek Carr and Jimmy Garappolo

YAZOO podcast stripeNASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Former NFL scout John Middlekauff's been in Nashville this week, and he watched the Titans' OTA practice on Tuesday after visiting with old friend Jon Robinson.

John was nice enough to visit with me in this week's podcast where we talked about the positive trend of complicated offenses, the ranks of which the Titans are now joining. 


Also on the docket: The fraternity of scouts-turned-journalists, the appeal of Malcolm Butler when he was on the market, the Titans' overall talent level and where Marcus Mariota fits in compared to the QBs he sees most often and most closely -- Derek Carr of the Raiders and Jimmy Garappolo of the 49ers.

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It's a good conversation you'll want to hear. And if you missed last week's sit down with Mike Vrabel and his high school coach and want to be part of Monday evening's Periscope/Facebook Live with Jon Robinson, it's a great time to become a member.  Just click here.


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