Marcus Mariota apologized for post-game press conference, but he should actually vent more often

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Marcus Mariota took the media by surprise Wednesday.

On the side of the practice fields at Arizona State, he opened with his typical 'Good afternoon,' but then apologized for his post-game press conference Sunday following the Titans' 12-7 loss to the Cardinals.

There was then what was going to be an awkward pause and transition, so not being bashful I told him I wasn't speaking for everyone but he didn't own me an apology.

The whole thing led me to dig into how healthy a release must have been for a guy renowned for his level-headed demeanor.

My video report:

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Reaction to all the reaction to Marcus Mariota injury info

CHANDLER, Ariz. – Reaction to all the reaction to my Marcus Mariota story from this morning.

He’s soft.

The guy came back from a four-to-six week hamstring injury in 15 days. We don't know what any of this stuff feels like, but he's trying hard as hell to play through it all.

He’s hurt every year.


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Source: Marcus Mariota hamstring still an issue, ankle could require clean-up surgery

CHANDLER, Ariz. – The hamstring injury Marcus Mariota suffered earlier this season remains a problem and it’s complicated by lingering issues with his surgically repaired leg/ankle from 2016, which could require a clean-up procedure after the season, a source told me.

Mariota broke his right fibula on Dec. 24, 2016 in Jacksonville and had surgery, which required the insertion of a plate. The break was of his lower leg, near his ankle. He spent the offseason rehabilitating, with his work prior to training camp maxing out at running seven-on-seven passing drills with no linemen.MariotaTightBAL

The left hamstring strain occurred as he ran a touchdown into the right side of the end zone on Oct. 1 in Houston.

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Three objections to Mike Mularkey's explanation of Titans' terrible loss in Arizona

CHANDLER, Ariz. – Three things Mike Mularkey said in a conference call with the media on Monday left me a bit angry.

Let’s run through them, shall we?

Asked what he tells Marcus Mariota “to keep him going,” he said:

TitansWall“He doesn't need a lot of talking to. I think a couple of us just said something after the game just to comfort him after a loss.

To which I say: I understand if that is the general MO for Mariota and how to best deal with him. But things are not working right now. So rather than rely on what you’ve always done with him, why not change it up and try an in-game conversation that might help reset him? Sticking with

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CHANDLER, Ariz. – Mike Mularkey insisted the Titans' confidence is high heading into the three games that will determine if they get a post-season berth.

It’s a good week to be away from Nashville, where the confidence is, understandably, much lower.

apple icon 114x114 precomposed“It’s the same team that won six out of seven prior to (Sunday),” Mularkey said in a conference call. “I’m pretty confident and I think our team is, in what we are doing. We know we can fix some things and clean up some things and knowing that if we don’t in all three phases we still have a chance to win every week, which we did yesterday all the way until the last drive.”

That’s too much satisfaction about having a chance to win and not enough disgust at a failure to win for me.

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At two crucial moments, Titans turned to ineffective gadgets

mdi construction barGLENDALE, Ariz. -- Exotic reared its ugly head at two crucial moments for the Titans.

The Titans gave the ball to Eric Weems, a special teamer who's a wide receiver, on a fake punt on their own side of the field and, after review, he didn't gain the needed yard. And on a fourth-and-10 last-chance play, they Image 1 1targeted cornerback Adoree' Jackson on a play they had not practiced.

The Jackson play is an indictment of the play-calling and design -- Delanie Walker and Rishard Matthews are reliable targets, Corey Davis was the fifth-pick in the draft -- and an indictment of the team's talent -- it preferred Jackson to Davis or Taywan Taylor or Eric Decker as an alternative to their two best targets.

My video report:

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Titans can talk around it, but Marcus Mariota knows he's not close to good enough right now

mdi construction barGLENDALE, Ariz. – The knee injury Marcus Mariota suffered on an awkward slide in the first quarter didn’t cause a big reaction from the trainers and didn’t cost him a snap.

Maybe it was a significant factor in his poor performance, maybe not.

MariotaARIEither way, a quarterback who looked poised after his first two seasons to emerge as a true franchise guy has fallen well short of the mark this year, and Sunday’s 12-7 loss to the Cardinals showed us that again.

A .516 completion percentage, two interceptions and no touchdowns gave him a 39.6 passer rating, his worst of the season by almost 13 points.

“I’m pissed off,” he also said. “That’s all. We just lost.”

He also offered this telling assessment:

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Defense is polite, but it should be pissed at Titans' offense

mdi construction barGLENDALE, Ariz. – Brian Orakpo chose not to talk to reporters after the Titans’ miserable 12-7 loss.

I saw him say that as I approached his locker room at University of Phoenix Stadium and I turned to Wesley Woodyard, a few stalls Image 1away, who then said the same.

So I turned to start to look for someone else, and thought, two big names on defense not wanting to talk after a good-defense, bad-offense game can sure look be taken as the defense being pissed.

Which it has every right to be.

But Woodyard’s wheels were spinning the same as mine, and he called me back, telling me he knew how I might spin it and choosing instead to answer.

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