NASHVILLE, Tenn. – After the Titans put the franchise tag on him, Derrick Henry told the team he wanted to iron out a long-term deal and the team told him the feeling was mutual, Jon Robinson said Wednesday.

Thursday the running back signed the $10.2 million tag.

Still, as the Titans work to fill other areas of their roster, the timeline Robinson gave Wednesday for further conversations didn’t make it sound like any talks are coming soon.HenryJaguars2

“I’ve spoken to his representatives after we used the tag,” Robinson said in a conference call with the Titans’ press corps Wednesday afternoon. “We want to continue to have those conversations and those back-and-forths in hopes of reaching some type of long term agreement. [Unlocked]

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If the NFL schedule winds up trimmed...

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The NFL hopes to play a full 2020 schedule even if it has to push back

The league, I think most of us would agree, should push back the final formulation and release of the schedule from April so if there is a pushback they won’t have to re-release an adjusted version.

Peter King has written about the idea that division games be relatively backloaded in order to better ensure they are all played if the front end of the schedule gets chipped off, so true division champs can be crowned.

I hate that idea.

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Titans: The massive mailbag, including my current pick at 29

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Welcome to the massive mailbag where I try to answer questions and allay concerns in one big weekend read.


I hope it helps fill some time you'd have spent watching some Sweet 16 and other games on the tube and I hope, beyond a lot of reading, you're filling your days beyond work, with board games and H-O-R-S-E and family walks and talks and maybe naps.

Let's dive into what is on your mind...

Here is the piece you are referring to, David. I'd say we need to evaluate the 24, actually. We need to consider both three wides and two tight ends on offense and a front seven plus a nickel set on defense.

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Here's the Titans' current depth chart, and why it's not deep enough

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- No team’s depth is going to look its best on March 26. But as I put together a current depth chart for the Tennessee Titans, theirs is even thinner than I thought.

They have seven draft picks, but that does not include a fourth-round or a sixth-round pick and three of them are seventh-rounders.

DoddCAR0819 1

They will replenish some of it with the top of the draft for sure, and we will see more pieces added like Nick Dzubnar, the special teams ace signed from the Chargers, and Ty Sambrailo, the tackle from Atlanta they hope will earn a spot.

But there are a few reasons the Titans are thinner than they would like to be at several spots that serve as cautionary tales moving forward.

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Tajae Sharpe was a very good Titans' fifth-round pick

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – As he leaves Music City, Tajae Sharpe gave the Titans three solid years of work as a fifth-round pick. He missed one year hurt.


His production amounted to a more than fair expectation of a guy chosen at that level. He was not as good as Jayon Brown, an excellent find, and he was better than LeShaun Sims, another fifth-rounder who signed elsewhere on Wednesday.

Sharpe has moved onto Minnesota while Sims is going to Cincinnati, reports said.

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As some good ones depart, my favorite Titans to cover over 20-plus seasons

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – With the departures of Delanie Walker and Jurrell Casey and with Logan Ryan’s return looking unlikely, the Titans locker room loses some of its more affable and most media-savvy guys.

It’s been terrific covering all three of them and they will always rank among my favorites.

People struggle with how someone like me doesn’t root for a team, which really is not difficult.Rollebighead

It’s harder not to root for guys, and I always wanted to see those three do well.

I’m often asked, “Who was your favorite Titan to cover?”

This seems like a good occasion to offer up my best shot at a list.

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The Titans who need to graduate into bigger leadership roles

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Delanie Walker is gone. Jurrell Casey is gone.

Wesley Woodyard and Logan Ryan seem likely to follow.WoodyardEvansCelebrateChargers

It’d be great if the Titans brought in some massive new leaders to replace the weight of those losses in the locker room.

But it’s unlikely to work that way, and it shouldn’t have to.

Guys need to graduate into those roles.

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Titans extending season ticket payment deadline

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Titans are extending the deadline for season ticket payments.

The initial deadline of March 16th had already been moved to March 23rd. Now full or the first installment of a payment plan will be due on May 4.NissanStadiumWideCorner

Seaton ticket members will receive details on Friday.


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