Vic Beasley finally reports, starts COVID-19 testing

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – AWOL is over.

Vic Beasley reported to the Titans Friday morning for COVID-19 testing, ending a bizarre, unexplained, unexcused 10-day absence.


He now needs to test negative three times in four days in order to enter the Titans facility, after which he will go through the same acclimatization process each group has gone through as they entered.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Corey Davis’ current standing on the Titans’ physically unable to perform list is the result of offseason surgery on a troublesome big toe, from which doctors had to remove a piece.

Indications are he’s fine and while the specifics of his timetable are unknown he should be on course to be ready for the season.


The first time we learned that Davis had a toe issue during 2019 was in February, when Taylor Lewan mentioned Davis played with turf toe on an episode of the “Bussin’ with the Boys” podcast. [Unlocked]

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The Titans' recourse with Vic Beasley from here

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – So, with the opt-out deadline behind them and Vic Beasley at 10 days and $500,000 in fines for his failure to report, what recourse do the Titans have?


(Photo courtesy Atlanta Falcons.)

Presuming they are finished or soon to be finished waiting around for him and want to move on, here’s what they can lean on from the collective bargaining agreement with regard to the future of the free agent they signed to a guaranteed $9.5 million one-year deal in March.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Ryan Tannehill is surely booming with confidence after an NFL comeback player of the year season during which he posted Joe Montana-esque numbers, joining the Hall of Famer as the second modern-era quarterback to connect on over 70 percent of his passes while averaging over 9 yards per attempt.

Those numbers are stamped on Tannehill’s 2019 season, when he came off the bench to replace an anemic Marcus Mariota after six games and led the Titans to the AFC Championship Game.


He’s been given a couple of chances to comment on the idea that the season was a fluke or that he and the Titans are being underestimated as they prepare for a follow-up campaign.

Again, on Wednesday’s edition of The Midday 180, he passed on such a chance, parrying any such opinions away as inconsequential.

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With fines not sparking action from Vic Beasley, Titans sadly lack leverage

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Vic Beasley’s been absent for a week, long enough that the story of him leaving the Titans hanging has faded from headlines. Thus, the one above.

Jon Robinson issued a statement three days after Beasley failed to report to camp in which where the GM said he’d made contact and made it clear the absence was unexcused and where he said Beasley said he “will be reporting to camp in the near future.”


(Photo courtesy Atlanta Falcons.)

Wednesday will be five days into that near future.

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Harold Landry has split views on less-is-more concepts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In one regard, Harold Landry is not big on the less is more concept. In another football realm, he is.

Shane Bowen said in early June he needed to find ways to reduce Landry’s snaps so he doesn’t get worn down and can be at his best on the Titans’ key third downs.

Conveyed that, Landry said he liked that Bowen wanted to take on any blame for it, but that it was “more me than him” that he tailed off after nine sacks in 12 games with none the rest of the way.LandryAug32020

He called that a “cold spurt” he’s not worried about happening this year.

As for Bowen...

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Continuity is the keyword for the Titans on offense and the personnel is largely the same coming off a big 2019.

Still, Arthur Smith smartly offered a reminder during a Friday media Zoom that the team still has to “start over.”

He said he’s opened the creative vault in an offseason where he was not able to deal with players in person and watching him add to an offense that was really able to push the ball downfield should be incredibly interesting.evans darrynton 2

(Photo courtesy Appalachian State athletics.)

In terms of weaponry, the new element he has is a guy expected to be an upgrade as the change-up back, third-rounder Darrynton Evans.

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Why I am actually OK with Logan Woodside as the Titans' backup QB

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – I question the Titans’ strategy at kicker. I question their depth at receiver. I question the caliber of their returners. I now question the signing of Vic Beasley.

But of the questions on the Titans' current roster, I’m actually OK with Logan Woodside as the backup quarterback.



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