Why not a Derrick Henry carry on the 2-point conversion?

LONDON – A few final thoughts on a loss the Titans really have to be sick over at Wembley Stadium.

The run game: It was a good day for the running game, which finally showed signs of life. The 33 carries were the second-most outside of the Jacksonville win, the 164 yards were the most this year and the 5.0-yard average was the highest.

HenryPortraitDion Lewis did the most with 13 carries for 91 yards (and six catches on six targets for 64 more). He was electric and the Titans best player in London, which is why it would have made sense to win or lose with him on the 2-point conversion, certain once it was moved, by penalty, to the 1-yard line.

Derrick Henry had some good runs and two good catches. Because of his size, people overrate him as a short-yardage threat. Many figure a 6-foot-3, 247-pound back should simply be able to get a yard.

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LONDON – Going for it paid off huge against the Eagles. The Titans could have attempted a field goal for a tie, but risked a loss on fourth down in order to get in position for a glorious overtime win.

At Wembley Stadium they were in position likely to force overtime with a PAT, but instead went for a 2-point conversion. And when they missed it and got a second chance thanks to a penalty, they tried it again and missed it again, absorbing a 20-19 loss.IMG 6112 1

Thus they return to Nashville at 3-4, holders of a three-game losing streak heading into a bye.

Mike Vrabel said he wouldn’t second-guess it, that doing so is a job for those of us asking the questions. And so I am happy to oblige.

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LONDON – I’ll tell my Chelsea story with a lot of pictures.

And I’ll spoil the ending:

I’m all in.

IMG 6053 1

The ride

We woke up too late. I’d planned for Teresa and Simon and me to have an early breakfast and hit Westminster Abby before heading to Fulham Broadway Station. I set the alarm, I just didn't flip it to on.


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MDI Mailbag: Is it growing pains for the Titans' offense, or something else?

LONDON -- Greetings from England, where I'm near through the first day-adjustment and really excited for a family day touring the city and taking in the Chelsea-Man U game at Stamford Bridge.

The Titans' Friday practice was uneventful but for the pretty backdrop at the Great Hall of Syon House in Brentford.MaritaCastle

My thank to MDI Construction for sponsoring all my travel for the second year in a row, including this giant trip. MDI Construction: High-quality commercial, retail and industrial construction since 2003. Their building and bidding timetable can’t be matched. 

Now onto your questions.

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Scout's take: Titans built to handle Chargers' front four

Blake Beddingfield was a Titans' scout for 19 years, through the 2017 draft. He was the team's director of college scouting for his final six years. Follow him on Twiiter at @BlakeBeddingfi1. He’s brought to you by Party Fowl. Eat hot chicken and drink boozy slushes in The Gulch, the Boro or in Donelson.

By BLAKE BEDDINGFIELD, special contributor


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Chargers With Philip Rivers, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Tyrell Williams and Melvin Gordon will bring a very different challenge than the Ravens did.

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To keep things normal in London, Titans sent bacon

OVER THE ATLANTIC, EN ROUTE TO LONDON – The bacon is different.


Jon Robinson mentioned it in a training camp visit with the Midday 180 and I asked him about it before we all set out across the Atlantic for the Titans game Sunday at WembleyStadium against the Chargers.

Now I understand many might say, Oh the pampered NFL football team needs the perfect breakfast meat and can’t adapt.

But yeah, the pampered football team needs the perfect breakfast meat and can’t adapt.

The franchise’s goal is to maintain the routine, as routine is, in many ways the lifeblood of an NFL operation.

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Jon Robinson on the possibility of a Titans' deal before the deadline

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – An NFL GM isn’t going to talk very openly about trade possibilities a few weeks before the trade deadline.

But I had a chance to ask Jon Robinson about the idea of adding someone to the Titans roster via trade by Oct. 30, so now we have some stuff to parse.Robinson

“We’ve had some teams call us, we’ve touched base with some teams, there is a dialogue that goes back and forth,” he said. “There 

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YAZOO PODCAST: On the NFL and London with freelance writer and Titans' fan Jamie Cutteridge

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The London trip and game are upon us, and to mark the occasion, I visited with London freelance writer and Titans fan Jamie Cutteridge for the podcast.

Last week, at a display of New Era NFL hats connected to the Seahawks-Raiders game at Wembley Stadium, he had a cold head and found no Titans hat. All 31 other teams were on display.

We spoke of his lonely existence as an English Titans fan, how he became one, whether Londoners into the Jaguars know to root against Tennessee and, of course, my stance on the Queen and the British monarchy.


Also, Jamie attended 78 soccer matches last year, so we tried to sort through my Chelsea-Man U ticket dilemma and his affection for low-division Kingstonian FC.

Follow Jamie on Twitter at @JamieCutteridge.

You can find Part 1 on iTunes, here, or directly through the Vokal website, here. Feel free to hook us up with a rating and review on iTunes.

If you're a member of the site, it's all one podcast, which you can play by heading below.

Thanks for your continued support.

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