With Jurrell Casey trade, Titans lose leader, gain money and get younger

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Wednesday’s trade of Jurrell Casey was a two-fold move for the Titans:

It amounted to a salary dump and a move to get younger.

Does it mean a big dollar signing is coming? That’s the easy and quick conclusion, but while it could be a big fish it might also be a haul of middle size fish.CaseyCelebrateChargers

Stock up with a bunch of those and the Titans could give themselves a veteran option at a lot of spots where they will also be

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With unconventional offseason underway, offensive continuity should work in Titans' favor

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Wednesday is officially the start of the NFL’s 2020 league year, when deals with outside free agents can become “official.”

But a guy like Vic Beasley, who will be joining the Titans, won't actually be joining them for some time.KellyTDKC

Offseason work which was set to begin on April 20 for teams without a new head coach have been put on hold due to the coronavirus, and it’s clear a shortened offseason is coming.

That is going to hurt teams with big changes coming, like the Buccaneers as they work to revamp things with Tom Brady at the helm, and it’s going to help teams with continuity like the Titans, who will be returning 12 of their top 13 offensive players, with only right tackle Jack Conklin gone.

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Vic Beasley is not a typical Jon Robinson/Mike Vrabel guy, and may be too much like Harold Landry

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Atlanta Falcons weirdly announced way back on Feb. 3 that they wouldn’t be negotiating with Vic Beasley on a second contract.

It said a great deal about how the team that drafted him eighth overall out of Clemson in 2015 felt about him.BeasleyFalconsTweet

With a one-year deal that Ian Rapoport worth $9.5 million that could who up to $12 million with incentives the Titans are giving him a chance to prove himself in a new environment.

But he will come to Nashville not as a typical Jon Robinson/ Mike Vrabel type but as a guy who put forth questionable effort and need to show much better than he did a year ago.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – News of Jack Conklin’s contract with the Cleveland Browns makes it easy to say, “The Titans could have paid him that.”

The three-year deal doesn’t come close to some of the pre-free agency projections for annual average that were floating around for Conklin.ConklinSEA


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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans have ensured Derrick Henry will be on their roster in 2019 by applying a franchise tag to him, Adam Schefter reports.

Now the questions are about how he will handle it.HenryStiffArm

Second contracts for running backs are their prime chance to earn, and he will want to get his financial security now, coming off a NFL rushing title, or next year at the latest.

The tag ensures him of $10.278 million, but offers no long-term guarantee and provides no money until the first week of the regular season. [Unlocked]

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As Ryan Tannehill's contract begins, too much concern about when it ends

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans ensured themselves of quarterback security by completing a deal with Ryan Tannehill Sunday.TannehillKCB

But the way the league has changed combined with the relatively small sample size of his excellent play in 2019 has created a strange cocktail where that new immediately created an odd question from many fans:

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans have their quarterback of the present locked in, ending speculation that they could turn to Tom Brady instead.

And with the most important position taken care of they can move on to use their franchise tag on Derrick Henry and get about the business of putting together a better team around Ryan Tannehill than the one he helped lead to a surprise appearance in the AFC Championship Game.TannehillCloseWave

The team announced the deal Sunday afternoon, minutes after NFL.com reported it with the base financial info: four years, $118 million, $62 million guaranteed. [Unlocked]

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The Titans got five great years out of Ryan Succop, needed six

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – By cutting Ryan Succop, the Titans offer a final coda on their disastrous kicking season of 2019.

It was practically a miracle that they got away with what they did, and twice they showed too much faith in Succop, a teammate of Mike Vrabel’s on the 2009 and 2010 Chiefs, and his shaky knee.SuccopChiefs19

They brought him off PUP and used him in the late preseason only to hear him tell them he wasn’t ready after testing it, leaving them on a path to hop from Cairo Santos to Cody Parkey to Succop fresh off IR, his issues unfixed, to Greg Joseph. This came with a dose of Ryan Santoso, a kickoff specialist who rarely reached the end zone.

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