The Titans stunk, but so did the officials

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Virtually every time a call goes against the Titans and fans go crazy over it, I respond that a good team should overcome it and it generally evens out in the end.

And I’m not hitting on the officiating here as an excuse for a struggling team that lost its third game in a row, this one 27-23 against the Rams at Nissan Stadium.MariotaSitRams

The home team made too many mistakes to win it.

But referee Walt Anderson and his crew made to too many too.

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Mailbag: If only one could be elite, you'd rather have the coach than the GM

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you are set for a great and memorable long holiday weekend.

If you missed it, Jonathan Hutton and I sat down for 75 minutes to chat with Jeff Fisher on The Midday 180.

Here's one highlight:

On to your quality questions.

IMG 5141PK: It’s got to be the coach, right? If a GM gives a coach a ton of talent but the coach doesn’t know how to use it, or mismanages games, a franchise may not get the desired results. A great coach can find ways to play effective football with the talent he has, provided he’s got at least some.

Also I think an elite coach can influence a GM’s player acquisition more than an elite GM can influence a coaches Xs and Os, player development, clock management etc.

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Jurrell Casey gives Titans clues about Aaron Donald

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Aaron Donald is a problem-causer.

In a year when the Titans' interior offensive line has not played up to the standard it set a year ago, it will be spotlighted in a huge game. Donald may be the best defensive player in the NFL and the Titans are desperate to spring an upset against the Rams Sunday at Nissan Stadium.

One thing that might help a bit is the Titans familiarity with someone similar: Their own Pro Bowl defensive tackle Jurrell Casey.

CaseyChaseSEA 2

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Terry Robiskie's no-huddle answers have me more confused

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Terry Robiskie does his best to explain stuff, I appreciate his willingness to do so.

Thursday as he answered questions about the Titans not using much no-huddle, I felt like I wound up understanding it less.


Robiskie spoke of the Titans considering how it pairs up with a defense (if you're good at it, why not find out in live action?); That they sometimes turn to it not to get things going, but after things get moving; And that there is concern about getting stuck in a bad matchup.

My video report:

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