NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Welcome to Week 14 Sunday, with  Titans' win in the bank and a full slate of games ahead. During and between them I invite you to catch up on al lthe best questions you've tossed my direction.

HenryAnthemJagsPK: It’s hard to know. It was an all-time game. It does a lot for Derrick Henry's cause. But I don’t think a guy who a coaching staff seemed out on for a good part of the season solidifies his future with one game. He had been trending up. To me, this will be a big test for Mike Vrabel and his staff. Can they make the most of what they’ve got as opposed to finding exactly what they feel they need? If Henry finishes strong, does their thinking evolve?


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Scout's take: Active Taylor Lewan big part of Derrick Henry's big night

By BLAKE BEDDINGFIELD, special correspondent

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Quinton Spain started at left guard and that was the right choice by the Titans. The offensive line controlled the game and wore down the Jaguars’ defense.

The play design of short passes and screens helped keep the rush and linebackers busy and kept them away from the Marcus Mariota.MariotaHenryJags18

Taylor Lewan was active all night, making critical blocks downfield on run plays, but also reaching the defensive ends and walling them off to allow the off tackle runs by Derrick Henry.

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As Derrick Henry grabs the spotlight, Titans stay on track to contend

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A big name playing like a huge star on national TV, tying an unbreakable record and pouring it on and on and on his hometown team produced a resounding win at Nissan Stadium Thursday night.

Derrick Henry had a day suiting his size, and did so behind a line seeking redemption, that not only blocked well for the big back, but also did well to protect Marcus Mariota, who’s been too often under siege.HenryJaguars

The Titans disposed of the Jaguars, 30-9, moving to 7-6.

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Scout's take: Jaguars likely to spy Marcus Mariota this time

Blake Beddingfield was a Titans' scout for 19 years, through the 2017 draft. He was the team's director of college scouting for his final six years. Follow him on Twitter at @BlakeBeddingfi1. He’s brought to you by Party Fowl. Eat hot chicken and drink boozy slushes in The Gulch, the Boro or in Donelson.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A scouting preview of the Jaguars-Titans game…

Leonard Fournette will be available for the Jaguars this time around. He was injured in their meeting.FirkserJets

Fournette is a special talent when he is healthy and motivated. The Jaguars will try to give him a heavy dose of runs in this game, he is a high-carry back and can not only hit the home run but also wear a defense down.

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Marcus Mariota simply must get more comfortable in the pocket, and Titans have to put him on the move more

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Marcus Mariota doesn’t seem comfortable in the pocket often enough, and that starts with how often his pocket collapses.

With his offensive linemen so often pushed back, he had a lot of trouble setting his feet against the Jets, particularly in the first half of the win Sunday.MariotaFeetJets

Take a look at this picture. See all the other feet around his/ They belong to other Titans, and you can see what a forest they create for him to navigate. Yes, it’s a freeze frame. But note too the awkward body posture it helps create.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A year ago this week, the Titans were 8-4 with a December disaster and the first playoff berth for the franchise in 11 years both looming.

Even so, there was a strong disconnect between the team and the town, and the story of whether Mike Mularkey might lose his job ran on a parallel track to whether the Titans would play in the postseason.

Those two plots held, honestly, roughly equal interest.FanJets

Both came true – with the Titans advancing to the divisional round of the playoffs where they lost at New England on Jan. 13 and parted ways with Mularkey two days later.

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Mike Vrabel took a penalty to work the clock late in Titans' win over Jets

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- With 2:28 remaining in the game and facing a second-and-2 from the Jets at the New York 30-yard line, the Titans swallowed a 12-men on the field penalty.


The odds were the Jets would get the 2 yards in two downs.

The Titans had three timeouts and the 2:00 warning, but it appeared Mike Vrabel willingly took the penalty, stopping the clock in exchange for 5 yards and what was effectively an additional timeout.

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