NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Amy Adams Strunk declined to face the Nashville media on Tuesday, leaving Mike Vrabel, who reported to Jon Robinson, as the lone Titans' executive to discuss the general manager’s firing.

Three days later Strunk gave an exclusive to the Associated Press, saying she made the decision on Robinson before the team's 35-10 loss to the Eagles and didn’t think it was fair not to let him go now considering she knew what she wanted to do.

Amy Adams Strunk

It sure seems like there was no plan for her to speak to anyone. Then following a lot of backlash, the franchise handpicked a reasonably friendly outlet. That’s the Titans' prerogative. There is no way she was going to sit down with me at this stage, I know.

But it appeared to be PR on the fly, and PR on the fly is poor PR.

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PK120922NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- With so much non-football stuff going on this week, I apologize that time simply didn't allow for a podcast recording.

Instead, we did a public PK TV.

we discussed Derrick Henry getting hit so quickly in the backfield, the downturn in Jeffery Simmons's play and an awful list of six Titans who are out of Sunday's game at Nissan Stadium against the Jaguars. 

There was also plenty on the aftermath of Jon Robinson's firing. I'm not big on the idea of it having a bearing on what will unfold in this game but I understand a case being made for the other side of the argument and we talked about that too.

Rewatch on Twitter, Facebook or below.

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Scout's take: How do Titans play after message about personnel?

By BLAKE BEDDINGFIELD, special correspondent 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans enter this week at a "crossroads" against a division rival. That’s what Mike Vrabel said after the game last Sunday. It’s even more appropriate after what unfolded on Tuesday with the firing of general manager Jon Robinson.Nick Westbrook-Ikhine

Players usually aren’t concerned with employees in the front office, but the message owner Amy Adams Strunk sent can be interpreted in several different ways.

That can affect how the game is played moving forward.

Players pay attention when messages are sent and this was a clear message that the owner is not pleased with the talent that is on the field.

How they respond should be something to watch.

Pool photo: Nick Westbrook-Ikhine/ Tennesse Titans

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Rick SmithNASHVILLE, Tenn. – NFL rules require the Titans to interview two persons of color or women for their open general manager slot. Rod Graves, executive director of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, intends to offer himself as a resource to the franchise for finding those two candidates.

The alliance champions diversity in the NFL through education and works as a resource for member scouts, coaches and front-office personnel. It’s named after the first African-American NFL coach.

“I’ll be reaching out to the Titans relatively soon for assistance with the process,” Graves said.

He has a list of 36 candidates, 32 who are currently working in the NFL and four who are currently inactive.

Rick Smith photo: © John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

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Malik Willis Interception returnNASHVILLE, Tenn. – When the Titans have been at the most dangerous passing the ball under Mike Vrabel, a dig route with a receiver crossing the field with speed, catching a pass in stride, perhaps bouncing off one defender and running away from others felt like a major element of it.

That receiver was often A.J. Brown and his play-caller for the first two seasons with Ryan Tannehill throwing the ball was Arthur Smith.

Now, what the Titans call a strike route is still a part of their repertoire, but they’ve run them it less successfully because it’s not something their receivers are particularly good at and because the way they are being defended often limits their opportunity.

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RobinsonVrabelLaughDraftNASHVILLE, Tenn. -- We've had a day to digest the news that Amy Adams Strunk fired Jon Robinson and we've heard all that Mike Vrabel had to say about it when the organization decided he'd be the only executive to answer questions about it.

I know it left a lot on your mind.

So our Wednesday night gathering made for a good and extra long conversation.

I gave you the first name I've come up with that I really like as a GM candidate to replace Robinson and detailed why I like him.

And there is the matter of the aftermath of the loss in Philadelphia and the Titans turning back to more favorable competition with the Jaguars coming to town for the first of two matchups in the final five weeks. 

Also, you comforted me about my dog's serious surgery slated for Thursday.

Head below or visit our private Facebook page to rewatch.

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Jon Robinsonand Mike VrabelNASHVILLE, Tenn. – Amy Adams Strunk unfairly hung Mike Vrabel out to dry Wednesday, as he answered for her Tuesday decision to fire Jon Robinson for over 20 minutes.

Here are the highlights of what he said and my thoughts on the meaning behind a lot of it.

“Move forward aligned:” Vrabel thanked Robinson and his family for the care and effort and support they’d shown the team and fans.

“I want to thank him for giving me the opportunity to coach this football team on the field, to lead it each and every day,” he said. “With that, change is never easy. But we realize that we all have a job to do. That job is evaluated each and every day. I told the team this. I met with the staff.

Pool photo/ Mark Humphrey AP

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Mike Herndon: Big hits and bigger misses define Jon Robinson’s tenure as Titans GM

By MIKE HERNDON, columnist

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The news that Titans controlling owner Amy Adams-Strunk was firing GM Jon Robinson on a rainy Tuesday morning in early December was shocking. For all its warts – and we’ll get to those in detail shortly – Tennessee is currently 7-5 and on the verge of clinching its third consecutive division title, a first for this franchise since joining the NFL in 1970.Jon Robinson

Pool photo, George Walker, The Tennessean 

Robinson finishes his tenure as the top football executive for the Titans with a 66-43 record, playoff appearances in what will soon be five of seven seasons, and one AFC Championship game appearance after taking over a team that had been 5-27 in the two seasons prior to his arrival.

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