My Titans' uniform review: Better than I expected, but oh those numbers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It kind of lived up to the hype.

I don’t love the number font, and I think the tail on the upper right of the numbers is too insiderish.

TitansHelmetBut the Titans new uniforms are far more attractive as a complete package than I would have expected from the leaked photos. The reaction of an incredible crowd the team said was 20,000 that I would have guessed was bigger suggested it felt the same.

The jagged numbers kind of interrupt a sleek look that comes in packaging that is 29 percent lighter than what the Titans wore last year. 

Jon Robinson called the new look “fierce.”

“They are fierce,’ Amy Adams Strunk said. “And they come with a big attitude.”

“…It was important to me that y’all would be proud of the product that our players are going to wear.”

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The basics from Nike on the meaning in the Titans' new uniforms

Titains Uniform

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Bullet points from Nike on the details of the Titans' new uniforms that were unveiled this evening.

The Titans have three primary uniform color combinations that consist of:
Home: Navy blue jersey
Away: White jersey
Color Rush: Titans blue jersey (light blue)

  • Formerly white with two navy blue stripes, the helmet is now the Titans’ primary navy blue with one two-toned silver stripe, which mimics the sword from the team’s logo.
  • The shoulders of the jersey feature the two-toned silver in the shape of a sword to mimic the sword from the team logo. This is the first time Nike has done a two-toned coloring like this.
  • Red accents the uniform, including the red stars on the inside back of the neckline, inspired by the three stars from the Tennessee state flag and gets inspiration from Greek lettering.
  • Every number on each jersey is shaped in a way that exemplifies the Northeast corner of Tennessee as the state appears on a map.
  • The contrast insert on the under-arm of the jersey is a new addition to the uniform.
  • The two-tone silver stripe on the uniform pant signifies the sword in the team logo.
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I don't care much about uniforms, but Titans' new look will have big bearing on franchise perception

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – This has been Amy Adams Strunk’s baby, a two-year project culminating in a big uniform reveal Wednesday evening downtown.

IMG 7664As we’ve gotten closer to learning what the team will look like during its 20th year and for at least the next five, the team’s teases have been well done. It has taken advantage of massive fan curiosity to create maximum anticipation and hype.

Anticipation is one of the great elements of sports and the Titans get that. The build-up has been clever, all the way to a shadowy player outline on the team’s website that die-hards tinkered with to try to find any small detail.

What they got after they turned all the dials was a hidden message: “Nice Try.” (Enhanced picture here from Titansonline.com thanks to @TitansUni.) It was probably a smart response to an earlier fail by the Detroit Lions.

In my judgment, Strunk has made just three major errors in her time as controlling owner, which began in March of 2015: She didn’t conduct a sufficient coaching search before hiring Mike Mularkey as coach; She didn’t attend the NFL owners’ meeting that same spring right after hiring a GM and a coach even though it was in Houston, a short distance from her Texas home; She ousted VP of communications Jimmy Stanton, who has been hired to oversee unified messaging. (Full disclosure: I consider Stanton a friend.)

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Everything I've written during the Titans' two-year uniform change

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Here’s a handy collection of everything I’ve written about the Titans uniform change since Amy Adams Strunk told me a change was in the works way back at training camp in 2016.

Titans owner considering uniform changes for 2018

Aug. 3, 2016 (at ESPN.com)evolved

“We can refresh and they definitely could use a little updating, but it takes a while to get that done,” Strunk told ESPN.com at Monday’s training camp practice. “I kind of visited with the league office about it a little bit a couple months ago. But we got so busy that I didn’t go back to it.

Titans uniform alterations for 2018 are complete; Amy Adams Strunk: 'It's not minor'

Aug. 1, 2017

It’s not minor. It’s not a total color change or anything like that. I think everybody is going to be very pleased with where it went.”

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Two more clues on Titans' new uniforms

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Wednesday evening, we’ll see once and for all what is real and what is not.

UniformTeaseWill the big celebration of what the Titans have deemed their "tradition evolved" culminate with more oohs and ahhs or groans?

A lot of people seem to think they know for sure that stuff floating around the internet is real.

I don’t know how they are so certain. The Titans didn't show us much, but the video tease from a few weeks ago (pictured here) doesn't match up to the recent "leak" to my eyes.

At this point, I'll wait and see.

But here are two new things I do know.

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Amy Adams Strunk on nepotism on Titans' coaching staff: 'I'm not my dad'

mdi construction barNASHVILLE, Tenn. -- His daughter doesn’t remember why Bud Adams had such a hard line against sons working for their fathers with the Titans, but she knows he did.

“I don’t know where he got such a strong feeling on it,” Amy Adams Strunk said at the recent owners’ meetings. “But he did have a strong feeling on it.”StrunkOwners2

I think it came out of the Jeff Fisher-Floyd Reese era. Reese’s son worked with him in the front office in some sort of assistant capacity late in his Reese’s term as general manager.

Fisher tried to hire his son, Brandon, at the end of his tenure.

And Gregg Williams was a candidate to come back as defensive coordinator at one point but didn’t when the team would not also

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Guest column: Preds fans should pump the brakes on Eeli Tolvanen train

By John Glennon, guest columnist

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The hype surrounding Nashville Predators prospect Eeli Tolvanen is so great that one longtime team observer figured Tolvanen simply strolled across the Atlantic Ocean en route to Music City.

Alas, walking on water is one of the few things not on the lengthy resume of the 18 year-old Tolvanen, a Finnish native who signed his first NHL contract Thursday morning. The 2017 first-round pick is likely to make his Predators debut Saturday, when Nashville hosts the Buffalo Sabres.Tolvanen

(Photo: Tolvanen at developmental camp, courtesy Nashville Predators.)

Tolvanen's already made a huge impact on the professional hockey front this season, as he racked up 36 points (19 goals, 17 assists) in 49 games for his Jokerit team in Finland. It was the most productive season ever for a teenager in Russia's KHL, which is considered the second-best league in the world.

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Amy Adams Strunk didn't connect with Mike Mularkey during his exit, says she admired his contribution

mdi construction bar

IMG 0229Mike Mularkey had no bigger advocate than Amy Adams Strunk, and still, she signed off on firing him with a year left on his contract.

Mularkey and his staff failed to maximize what they had to work with, and he was simply too stubborn.

Yes, he took his team to consecutive 9-7 records with a playoff trip and a wild-card win in 2017.

Even so, the franchise decided he was not the right guy to take the Titans forward.

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