NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- After he and two other top Titans wide receivers greeted Marcus Mariota with drops, Corey Davis recovered to make the offensive play of the day.

IMG 5088

It helped set up a field goal to put the Titans ahead 6-3 in a game they won 9-

On a first-and-20 early in the third quarter, Davis lined up on the far right of a tight formation. Mariota appeared to look over the middle first, then came to Davis. He’s run to the outside and then cut sharply back, making the catch on the outside edge of the numbers, in front of A.J. Bouye but just 4 yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Corey Davis called him a dog.

Taylor Lewan said Marcus Mariota’s game engineering at TIAA Bank Stadium amounted to “a wolf being a wolf.”Image 1 5

Attempts to elicit further animal comparisons were unsuccessful, through after the Titans 9-6 win over the Jaguars tight end Jonnu Smith did latch on to one of the two presented to him for his quarterback.

“Dog? Wolf? I’ll probably have to go with dog,” he said. “When I think dog, I think, by any means. Just got grit. I want like a pit bull, you know what I am saying? You give something to a pit bull and he locks on to it and ain’t letting it go. That’s who he reminds me off.”

The Titans pit bull came off the bench with 6:29 on the clock in the first quarter, after Malik Jackson was flagged for ear-holing Blaine Gabber, lowering the head to initiate contact and leaving Gabbert concussed.

And he did enough.

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With all the offensive hope, for right now the Titans are a defensive team

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- WIth Mike Vrabel and then Matt LaFleur, the Titans are supposed to finally make a jump into the modern NFL and show us some of that offense that's popped up in Los Angeles and Kansas City and New Orleans and Pittsburgh.IMG 5053

Not yet, though.

Just about every time I've gotten excited about a good Titans' team being on the verge of becoming an offensive team, it's the defense that's been the more notable unit.

I still think it'll wind up being different this time. But right now, the Titans are clearly a defensive team. 

My video report from the field:

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Taylor Lewan saw moments where Jalen Ramsey was a liability, and tired

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Taylor Lewan and Jalen Ramsey are both known to like to chat.

During the Titans' 9-6 win at TIAA Bank Fiel,d they had one extended conversation after a field goal that was surely not the only time they got to see up close how the other operates.

Lewan came away unimpressed and said he saw at least one moment when Ramsey was a liability for his team and others when the cornerback was clearly tired.


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Pickers mailbag: Expectations for Jonnu Smith, Titans run defense

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Greetings at welcome to the latest edition of our mailbag, brought to you by Pickers Vodka. Check out their fancy new bottles.

Pickers New Packaging 1

Makes me thirsty.

Drink responsibly.

Members will find a mid-week Periscope/ Facebook Live available if you missed it awaiting you on those private pages.

This week's podcast is available to all, right here.

On to your questions.

Davey Shepherd Will we see more of Jonnu this weekend, or will the Jags pass rush dictate another game plan that for whatever reason excludes him?

PK: Well, we saw a lot of him last week. He played every snap. We just didn’t see him targeted. The really needed the tight ends to help block. That should be less the case this week with Taylor Lewan back, though we are likely to see Kevin Pamphile or Tyler Marz require help.

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YAZOO PODCAST: Predetermined throws and a great life hack

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- This week's podcast, brought to you by the fine folks at Yazoo, is a one-for-all affair.

Get smart, quick hits on predetermined throws, Taywan Taylor's workload, the Titans being run-heavy on first down, the path to beating the Jaguars and the light blue jerseys all in one listen.

Plus, a great lifehack I've adopted that helps me circumvent my iPhone's prudish autocorrecting.

It's what I like to call good stuff.

Hit it here on iTunes.



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Scout's take: Leonard Fournette 'tends to disappear if he is hit early'

Blake Beddingfield was a Titans' scout for 19 years, through the 2017 draft. He was the team's director of college scouting for his final six years. He's brought to us by Party Foul, where you should definitely be eating and drinking.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Jacksonville has arguably the most talented defensive roster in the NFL.

The Jaguars have done a great job of drafting elite talent when they have been in that position: Jalen Ramsey and Leonard Fournette. 

They are an example of success as a result of not playing it safe:

  • They paid AJ Bouje off of one year of production.
  • They signed Calais Campbell, Malik Jackson and Andrew Norwell.
  • They drafted Myles Jack coming off a knee injury.
  • They drafted Dee Dee Westbrook after off the field concerns.
  • They drafted a small undersized LB who turned in to a playmaker in Telvin Smith.
  • They found first-round talent like Cam Robinson, Yannick Ngakoue in the second and third rounds, respectively.

They have the best duo of corners in Ramsey and Bouye. Both are aggressive cover corners that look to make plays on the ball.


Do the Titans attack the corners with Corey Davis and Rishard Matthews?  The secondary receiving options for the Titans will be

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