Delanie Walker's pain tolerance wasn't medically enhanced

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A willingness and ability to play through serious pain is one of those things that fascinates me about pro football.IMG 3751

I hate the long-term consequences of much of that stuff, though an ankle bone bruise like Delanie Walker was able to overcome in the Titans' win over Baltimore may not leave any.

Particularly given the way Walker approached the injury.

I presumed the tight end would take a shot to help him deal with the pain.

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Reaction to Twitter overreaction after Titans beat Ravens

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – I didn’t know if I’d have enough fodder, but the people came through to give us plenty for the ever-popular post reaction to over-reaction post.TitansPickers


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Halfway through season, expect Titans to zigzag

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – They can still build it, but at kickoff, just don’t expect a start-to-finish game from the Titans.

This is not a straight line, up arrow team. It’s a zig-zagging one.

That EKG concerned me in a big way in the tight win over the Browns. Against the far more talented Ravens, it was far more palatable.

During a 23-20 win over Baltimore, the Titans didn’t look like a team content to forge ahead with what it did in Cleveland.MarcusHurdleBAL

Though Mike Mularkey said the Titans didn’t change much over the course of the bye, when the offense did its best work, things certainly looked different.

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Big, early hit on Marcus Mariota got mixed reaction

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans had mixed reactions to the no call by John Hussey and his officiating crew on a big hit on Marcus Mariota in the first quarter.

The quarterback had sprinted out to his left and threw incomplete at least a beat before linebacker Matthew Judon leveled him.

That set off Taylor Lewan, who's always going to defend Mariota.

But the reactions to the play were actually mixed.

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Titans changed enough, get the win over Baltimore

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The requests we made of the Titans offense weren’t special, they were obvious.TitansSwordchoppy

And in Sunday’s 23-20 win over the Ravens that got the Titans to 5-3 we saw a lot of them:

  • The pass setting up the run early on. (The request.)
  • Some no huddle/ up-tempo.
  • A couple Marcus Mariota throws from out of the pocket, by design.
  • An Eric Decker red-zone touchdown.
  • DeMarco Murray with two catches for 22 yards, one for 17 on a crucial play during the late TD drive.
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Mailbag: The major misconception about Marcus Mariota

IMG 3598NASHVILLE, Tenn. – For starters, big thanks to Taylor Lewan for holding court with this site’s Starting 22 on Friday night at Losers. I think people had a pretty good time and I hope it gives some of you a serious case of FOMO regarding next time, prompting you to plead for a spot in the high-ranking group.

On to the mail, which opens with a subject I simply must vent about.

PK: Yeah, that’s horrible, right? I mean they ought to completely reconsider what they are doing if he’s that bad on the move. Except…

You know what most of those are? THROWAWAYS. The idea that Marcus Mariota throws on the move a lot is an idea for people who

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Picks and a prediction for Nov. 4-5

pickers vodka 847x63NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Whenever I’m asked about a fantasy football lineup choice or a game prediction, I say I don’t want to be on the hook for your loss.

Nevertheless, I do have some thoughts beyond the predictions and proclamations we make on football Fridays on The Midday 180.pickerswebimage

As part of my new relationship with Pickers Vodka, the official spirit of PaulKuharsky.com, I offer these picks:

Tampa Bay +7 at New Orleans

I’m not buying that the 5-2 Saints are this good or that the 2-5 Bucs are this bad. New Orleans isn’t beating Tampa Bay by more than a touchdown, even at their dome. There is Jon Gruden talk in Tampa. Players rally for Dirk Koetter (who I know and like).

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Anatomy of a red-zone play that didn't find Rishard Matthews or Eric Decker

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Why can’t the Titans draw up something in the red zone to find Eric Decker?

In seven seasons with the Broncos and Jets, Decker was an outstanding red-zone target. Inside the opponent’s 20-yard line, he caught 57 passes for 418 yards and 27 touchdowns.Decker2OAK

Underutilized in Tennessee through seven games, he has two catches in that area, for 10 yards.

Offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie pointed to a play in Cleveland to illustrate how an intention to get the ball to certain people can fail to pan out.

On a second-and-goal from the Cleveland 11 with 1:55 left in the first half, the Titans put three receivers on the field.

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