Mailbag: Is Marcus Mariota's injury from 2016 a factor now?

NASHVILE, Tenn. -- As I get ready to heard for South Florida, it's time to share the mail. Combat

PK: I don’t think the repaired leg is an issue. But he did spend the majority of his offseason healing and rehabbing, and when you are doing that you’re not able to spend as much time working on your weaknesses. In that respect, I think it’s a factor. He also didn’t get a great deal of time with several new targets: Eric Decker, Corey Davis, Taywan Taylor and Jonnu Smith.

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After 43-point loss, Titans hope to board 'The Energy Bus'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In a book I’ve mentioned, “Switch, How to Change Things When Change is Hard" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, There is a thorough section on our propensity for the negative.

Which some of you know is right up my ally.IMG 2595

The Heaths wrote: “In an … exhaustive study, a psychologist analyzed 558 emotion words – every one that he could find in the English language—and found that 62 percent of them were negative as opposed to 38 percent positive. That’s a pretty shocking discrepancy. According to an old urban legend, Eskimos have 100 different words for snow. Well, it turns out that negative emotions are our snow.”

Mike Mularkey has spent a lot of time with the Titans emphasizing the positive and trying to go with the 38 percent there. Not long ago he talked about how, while the Titans may have a plan for third and long, he and his staff don’t prepare for anything negative, don’t expect anything in the plan not working.

In a different vein, Mularkey asked his team to read “The Energy Bus, 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy” by Jon Gordon before the season, and Gordon talked with the team.

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Dick LeBeau explains coverage, suggests change of course

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Dick LeBeau knew what was coming and he was ready.

He joked with us he hoped we’d all have called in sick, but then he was as accountable as you want a coach to be after a terrible performance by the defense he coordinates.IMG 2592

“That’s not us,” he said. “We’re going to prove that Sunday, that’s it’s not us. It was a very poor game. We let them hold the ball, we let them go on long drives, we never gave our offense a chance to get the ball back. You’re not going to have success if we don’t play better than that.”

Sunday in South Florida the Titans defensive coordinator and his players will try to rebound from a 57-14 loss to the Texans in Miami against the Dolphins.

In Houston, the Titans didn’t matchup Logan Ryan on DeAndre Hopkins, and the veteran receiver overwhelmed Adoree’ Jackson, Brice McCain and LeShaun Sims.

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Jurrell Casey disrupting, but not getting numbers yet

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- His name didn’t make the stat sheet on opening day, which was a testament to Oakland’s interior offensive line, but also a shock.

Jurrell Casey is a major disruptor, the Titans best defensive player. A game without so much as a tackle qualified as a huge surprise and the expectation was an immediate bounce back.CaseyChaseSEA 1

He’s been better in the three games since, and he warrants a lot of attention.

But through a quarter of the season, his statistical production is minimal: Nine tackles, none for a loss, no sacks.

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Brandon Weeden on Colin Kaepernick: 'We all firmly believe he's a good enough player to play in this league'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans looked to Brendon Weeden and T.J. Yates as two of their tryout quarterbacks Tuesday because they’ve worked in systems in the past that are similar.IMG 2574

Mike Mularkey pointed to Weeden’s time with Dallas and Yates time in Atlanta as reasons they were two o the four QBs the Titans looked at. They also bright in Matt Barkley and Matt McGloin.

Weeden worked with backup Matt Cassel and practice-squader Tyler Ferguson in his first day with the team Wednesday, while Marcus Mariota was limited with his hamstring strain and the Titans didn’t ask him to do much.

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We don't know if the Titans are good yet, but lots of good teams have suffered terrible losses

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – At 2-2 a quarter into the season, we still don’t know what the Titans are.

But we do know that the 56-14 loss at Houston doesn’t automatically mean they are bad in 2017, it just means they were super bad for one week.

When they win I have to calm people down When they lose, I have to calm people down.

When they lost like that, I’ve really had to calm people down.

Huge concerns arose for sure.

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Backup quarterback expectations are ridiculous

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Brandon Weeden isn't a good NFL quarterback.

That's why he was available to beat out Matt McGloin, T.J. Yates and Matt Barkley (per PFT) for the No. 3 job with the Titans.IMG 2556 1

We're setting Colin Kaepernick aside here -- the Titans didn't look at him and no one else has either. Those reasons clearly extend beyond football and you can debate whether that is legit cause for him being out of the league or not. 

Moving along, though, if Marcus Mariota (hamstring) can't play Sunday in Miami, Matt Cassel will start and Weeden will serve as the backup. Weeden's

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On execution as the buzzword after the Titans' Houston debacle

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – After a debacle like the Titans had in Houston, it’s very important for some of us to dole out the blame. It’s part of how it works, certainly, but it also lands us in some dizzying circular arguments. TitansWordLogo

When a team gets blown out, much of the conversation among fans afterward tends to be about whether it was ready and if it quit.

Is bad player execution on the players who didn't execute or the coaches who didn't get them to execute? Hop on that merry-go-round and it can be hard to jump off.

No, the Titans weren’t ready for the Texans. They had plans that didn’t work and they were unable to adjust in a way that made any difference. While Mike Mularkey pointed to the late effort, it’s pretty rare for a coach to say a team stopped giving maximum effort at the end.

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