On guaranteed contracts: I prefer fear of getting fired as a motivator for productive work

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – NFL players should get a bigger piece of the league pie, and the annual discussion about middling NBA players getting free-agent deals worth more than football stars should disappear.


I’m not on board with fully guaranteed contracts.DollarSign

A short one like the three-year deal Kirk Cousins got was a win for him and for players. First round picks basically get four years guaranteed, but not ridiculous numbers. Second-rounders often get two years of certain money.

But even guaranteed three-year deals for everyone on a second contract would lead, I believe, to worse football.

The constant risk of a player not producing to match his getting fired, while not good for his blood pressure, is good for the game.

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How often do you want to see the Titans wear light blue?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The recent fan/brand rankings from an Emory University study put the Titans dead last in the NFL.

It seemed harsh to me given some of the teams ahead of Tennessee, but the Titans are undoubtedly in the bottom third or quarter of the league.TitansBlues

Clad in new uniforms this season and playing under a new coach with new systems, they will have a chance to begin to grow the brand.

We’ve talked on The Midday 180 about how Vanderbilt baseball does itself a disservice by wearing red, white and blue at times. The patriotic push and tribute to veterans is nice. But if someone if flipping channels and comes across Vanderbilt, whose brand is black and gold, the school loses that clear identifiability.

The Titans new uniforms don’t include a random color –

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rashaan Evans should be a Day 1 starter as an inside linebacker for the Titans.

But the team’s former director of scouting says the franchise shouldn’t look to him to be the defensive quarterback right from the start and he doesn’t expect Mike Vrabel and Dean Pees will ask at of the first-round pick.EvansIntro1

Blake Beddingfield was part of 19 drafts with the Titans, the last five as director of college scouting. John Robinson let him go in 2017.

During an hour with The Midday 180 on Monday Beddingfield, an Alabama graduate, said he likes Evans but guarded against too much too soon.

“I don’t think he’s going to be that guy, I think Wesley Woodyard is going to be that guy this year and Rashaan is going to be a guy that kind of learns off of Wesley and that’s a good situation,” he said. “I think he can (graduate to it later.) Stay in the same system, don’t’ start changing systems on the guy and don’t start mixing things up.

“But right now, no, it’s not going to be a thing for him.”


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Pickers Mailbag: The learning pace of the Titans' offense

pickers vodka 847x63NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Greetings as you head into a big weekend. It’d be so much better if it was a holiday weekend. The fourth falling on a Wednesday is less than ideal, right?

Here’s this week’s Periscope, in case you missed it.

The podcast was a wide-ranging affair.


This weekend, I’ll be seeing if a team of my favorite 8-year olds can withstand the pressures of the state baseball tournament. Maybe it’s too much too soon, but the good, fun parts are incredibly memorable and the bad ones sure provide some learning moments.

Now, on to your questions.

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Rishard Matthews did practice at least some this offseason

TicketsBar2NASHVILLE, Tenn. – So Rishard Matthews was on the sideline, watching receivers without a helmet during the five practices of 12 offseason sessions that were open to the media.IMG 1482

We did not know if Matthews carried something from the 2017 season into 2018 or if he suffered something new.

Via the team’s Facebook show, we can now reasonably presume he did something this offseason because it includes snippets of Matthews participating in team drills.

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YAZOO PODCAST: No 'M.D.' on an NFL jersey and what do kids cheat at more than Marco Polo?

YAZOO podcast stripeNASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A quarterback is all but certain to win NFL MVP, and I don't love it.


A lot of media and fans think the NFL should have granted Chiefs' offensive lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif's request to add "M.D." to the back of his jersey after he got his medical degree, and I don't like that, either.

The Titans were "off target" to Corey Davis last year. (And I should have mentioned in our bit about if that is QB inaccuracy or forcing the ball to Davis that Davis' route running was a contributing factor as well.)

And can the Titans fanbase/brand reasonably be ranked as worst in the league?

Europe-bound Madison Blevins and I discuss those and other issues of the day in this week's podcast. 

She made a reasonable case that there is, in fact, a game that is more cheated at than Marco Polo. 

We also contemplated this fantastic robotic pothole fixing machine.

Part 1, like podcast versions of my public Periscope and Facebook Lives, will be available through iTunes, here, or directly through the Vokal website, here. Feel free to hook us up with a rating and review on iTunes.

If you're a member of the site, Part 1 and Part 2 are together, and all you have to do is head below the line. 

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Titans' defensive backs coach avoiding LeShaun Sims' nickname

TicketsBar2NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Jon Robinson points to LeShaun Sims as a real find, a player the Titans weren’t giving any real consideration before the new GM came aboard and eventually used a fifth-round pick on.

Now heading into his third season, Sims ranks as the team’s fourth cornerback, behind two pricey free agents and a first-round pick. But if Malcolm Butler, Logan Ryan or Adoree’ Jackson go down or if the Titans want to put a four-cornerback dime package on the field, there is likely to be a spot for Sims.


He may be the quietest member of the Titans ever and he ranks as the quietest player Robinson’s known.

Interestingly, “Mouse” now works under the loudest Titans’ assistant, Kerry Coombs.

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Pickers mailbag: First-string offense in the preseason and The Tennessean's change

pickers vodka 847x63NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Greetings as you kick off what I hope is a glorious summer weekend. May it be filled with responsibly consumed Pickers cocktails.

If you missed the Periscope from earlier this week, here it is. I cover my Midday 180 vindication against the ridiculous accusation that I run a burner Twitter account.

I also did a shorter, free-for-all podcast this week. Find it here. Please subscribe while you are there.

On to the questions of the week, and a reaction to the development at The Tennessean.

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