NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Deshaun Watson may force his way out of Houston in a move that will represent the peak of NFL player power.

On its face, that sounds great.

But will it ultimately be good for the game?


I want more for NFL players, who’ve got the weakest deal with their league of all the major pro sports in America. Because of football’s physicality, career lifespans are shorter, and the union is less willing to sit out long enough to make game-changing gains in collective bargaining sessions.

The owners always win on the biggest issues.

Given a choice between billionaire owners and millionaire players who are taking the hits and the consequences that come with them, I’m generally going to be with the players.

But bad ownership is part of pro sports, and the Texans have it now. It sucks that players have little recourse. It seems even his teammates want Watson to gain his freedom. Without him, there will still be 53-guys on a roster put together by Cal McNair's people come opening day. Years and years of fan discontent hasn't broken through with franchise owners worse than him.

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