A Surprisingly Good Titans' Wide Receiver Stat

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans hit a fair share of big plays in the passing game.

Per Inside Edge, their wide receivers have the second-best average per reception (15.1 yards) in the NFL. That’s 2.5 yards more than league average.

Chris Moore
Chris Moore is averaging 20.1 yards on 18 catches/ Angie Flatt

Only the 49ers (15.1) are better with the mighty, bombs-away Dolphins and Texans tied for third and the Browns fifth (13.9) buoyed by Amari Cooper’s 17.4-yard average on 72 receptions.

Why has receiver yard per catch helped the other top teams in the category fare so much better in overall offense and points than the Titans?

"I think unfortunately it seems to be a theme here, it is just the ability to consistently do that,” Tim Kelly said. “I think there's been stretches where we've demonstrated the ability to be explosive and be productive. And there are times where we haven't, for whatever reason, whether it's, you know, a drop, whether it's protection, whether it's a quarterback decision, whatever it may be. 

“So, as we continue to grow and improve, that's going to be the biggest thing that we're striving for is just overall consistency.”

The other four teams all have at least 17 more receiver catches than the Titans (San Francisco), and as many as 98 more (Miami).

The bottom five teams in the category are the Jets, Colts, Giants, Patriots and Panthers last.

Without a deep dive into correlation and causation, the top five teams have 45 wins and three in the bidding for a top seed and the bottom five have 25 wins and four eliminated from the playoffs.

Chris Moore was surprised to learn the Titans rank as well as they do.

“When we’re getting down in the red zone we’re just not executing the plays that finish those drives and get those points,” he said. “I didn’t even know that, when you said it, it was a surprise to me. As receivers, we try to emphasize that, we try to go out there and make big plays. It also helps when you have a back like Derrick (Henry) who brings the safeties up and causes more people to be in the box to help open those bigger play up for us.”

  • DeAndre Hopkins – 15.4 on 61 catches
  • Nick Westbrook-Ikhine – 13.2 on 28 catches
  • Chris Moore – 20.1 on 18 catches
  • Treylon Burks – 15.0 on 14 catches
  • Kyle Philips – 12.8 on 13 catches
  • Mason Kinsey – 6.0 on 1 catch
  • Colton Dowell – 3.0 on 1 catch 

Hopkins' 15.4 average matches the second-best season of his career, his rookie season in Houston in 2013. His only better season was his second year in the league when he averaged 15.9 yards per reception. 

The Titans need speed and fresh blood at receiver in 2024. In this week’s edition of The Paul Kuharsky Podcast, I jokingly pray they don’t look at this stat and think they are OK at the position.

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