Amid calls for safe choices, Isaiah Wilson found his way onto TSU police report

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Isaiah Wilson attended a party at Tennessee State University off-campus apartments on Heiman Street that drew the attention of university police on Aug. 15, prompting Wilson to ponder jumping off a second-story balcony, according to a campus police incident report.Isaiah Wilson, Tennessee Titans

(Photo George Wilson, Tennessean via pool.)

It is unclear how many people were at the gathering.

If there were more than 15 people at the gathering, the Titans' first-round pick could be judged to have violated NFL rules in place to protect teams from the spread of COVID-19. If there were fewer than 15, he still could be viewed as showing poor judgment on an early off-day considering how much the team has emphasized keeping players, coaches and support staff safe.

Wilson received a trespass warning while TSU students got in deeper trouble for drug, curfew and runaway violations. Burning marijuana coming from the balcony of the apartment drew officers Inice Wagner and Michael Massiah there from their foot patrol.


Isaiah Wilson Police Report Screenshot


“We’re aware of the situation at TSU during a no-visitors policy and continue to stress the importance of good decision making as we go outside the facility,” Mike Vrabel said.

“We’ve handled it internally,” Jon Robinson said.

Another party attendee identified himself as a second Titans' draft pick, but campus police failed to get an official identification of Darrynton Evans and his agent said he absolutely was not there.

"It was categorically not Darrynton," Micahel Parrett said. "If you know anything about Darrynton, his mom had COVID, he's lost a couple of family members to it. He's taking this very seriously, he's following things to a T. He was in his hotel. He talked to Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel, they asked him point-blank. It's unfortunate someone has brought his name into it. Darrynton was not there."

Wilson was not available for comment.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, reporters do not have post-practice access to players coming off the practice field during training camp as they usually would. The Titans practiced at Nissan Stadium Friday after which Taylor Lewan, Larrell Murchison and Kalif Raymond did interviews via Zoom.

Wilson's agent, Ben Renzin, did not respond to a text message and answer multiple calls.

NFL rules adopted to lessen the chance of players bringing the coronavirus into a team’s headquarters do not allow players to attend “house gatherings of more than fifteen people without the player and all guests wearing masks or PPE or where social distancing for more than 10 people is impossible."

The campus police report names five people and mentions a bedroom with more who were sleeping and playing video games.

The Titans could fine Wilson a maximum of one week’s salary or suspend him without pay for up to four weeks for conduct detrimental to the team.

It does not appear the Titans are taking that course with Wilson.

Under the new CBA, there are no longer suspensions for positive marijuana tests. The testing window runs for only the first two weeks of training camp, the threshold for a positive test is higher. (Details of testing and the results of a positive are here.)

Wilson was the Titans’ first-round draft pick, 29th overall.Isaiah Wilson Press Conference

Wilson started training camp July 28 on the Reserve-COVID-19 list, which meant he either tested positive or was in proximity of someone who did. He signed his contract and was removed from the list on Aug. 3.

Wilson spoke to media in a Zoom video call after practice the day following the TSU party and he fielded a question about that experience.

“Definitely safe to say that what we have in place is protecting us and keeping players safe, and ensuring we have a safe workplace to do our job, speaking for myself specifically,” he said. “But I think it's a great job being done right now.”

The Titans have expressed hope that players would hold each other accountable and behave in a way that would reduce the likelihood any of them could bring the coronavirus into team headquarters, where they are all still tested daily before they enter.

“I learned that you can't control people, you have to try to influence them the best that you can,” Vrabel said as players reported. “And especially, you’re not going to be able to control a professional football player outside the building. So, I know the type of people that Jon (Robinson) and I and Miss Amy (Adams Strunk) have tried to bring onto this football team.

“And I know that it's important to them, their health and safety, and their family's health and safety is important to them. So, again, always hopeful that we're making the right decisions away from here and doing everything that can maintain the best health that we can.”apple icon 144x144 precomposed

Taylor Lewan said he wants to be more of a leader this season. The same day Wilson came off the COVID-19 list, Lewan had no-nonsense comments about teammates being responsible.

“When it comes to that stuff, it's your obligation to be a pro when you're outside of the building," he said. "This isn't college football, isn't high school football anymore. It's not an arena league. This is the big leagues. So, if guys want to be a part of it, if guys want to take part in this season, then it's on them to do those types of things. I can't go and micromanage a bunch of guys….

“You have to take care of your own stuff. And I will be vocal and make sure that guys are smart and do the best they can. But when I leave this building, it's truly on them and it's just about being a pro and making sure you're in the right situation. Don't put yourself in a position to contract something or be somewhere that you shouldn't be. I mean this is a business and it's what we're trying to do is have a football season. It's not about going out.”

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