Before his first preseason game as a head coach, a Mike Vrabel review

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The injury secrecy is extreme and, in many cases, unnecessary.

But with the Titans set to take off for Green Bay this afternoon and roughly two weeks of work in the bank, it’s good to pause to review what we’ve seen and heard from Mike Vrabel beyond that.IMG 3196 1

I think he’s been great.

He had a real knack for noticing little stuff in the moment that is hard for even very good coaches, simply because they are visually sorting through 22 guys on every play. But when the Titans are not playing hurry-up, there is no telling who he will walk toward with a correction or a compliment after a play. I often feel like he’s got All-22 vision, though he’s said he picks specific stuff to watch on specific plays.


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