By splitting inside and outside backers, Titans specializing more

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans have never had separate coaches for insider and outside linebackers before.

But among the coaches introduced to the local media Wednesday were outside linebacker coach Shane Bowen and inside linebacker coach Tyrone McKenzie.BowenMcKenzie

Former NFL linebacker Mike Vrabel, who played both inside and out, will officially look at the two jobs in a base 3-4 as different ones.

For the first time, the Titans will split their linebackers, with Bowen coaching outside linebackers (he’s on the left in the picture) and McKenzie coaching inside linebacker.

Both spoke of how the two spots might share a name but qualify as different positions.

It seems a smart move considering just how dissimilar Jayon Brown’s job is from Brian Orakpo’s.


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