Does Mike Vrabel help the Titans at the box office?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The 2017 Tennessee Titans won over some fans, but plenty of others weren’t buying.

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We talked about it a great deal in this space, the disconnect between the Titans and Music City.

There were a lot of factors. But Mike Mularkey, Terry Robiskie and an uninventive offense ranked as biggies.

I do believe there were fans who were put off by the hiring process in 2016, when CEO Steve Underwood wondered why anyone would have had an issue with the search that produced a promotion for Mularkey from interim coach to coach. (Note accompanying tweet from Jan. 18, 2016.)

That scorn rose when they saw a stubborn Mularkey fail to advance, or sometimes even maintain, the Titans’ offense in his second year.

The exact thing many fans feared with the hire came to fruition in Year 2, even as the team managed a second consecutive 9-7 record, this one with a playoff berth and a playoff victory.

So, with Mularkey gone and replaced with Mike Vrabel, I’d like to know, is the new coach a box office draw?

There is a lot still to learn, starting with who is on his staff.

There is free agency and there is the draft.

Renewal notices are due to land around the start of February for season ticket holders. Were you thinking you might not renew? Have things changed for you?

If you're not a season-ticket person and you had to decide right now on investing in some tickets for next year, are you more likely to do so now than you were 365 days ago?

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