NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The rules require teams to put out a depth chart leading into their first preseason game. So teams do it. Then they poo-poo it.

Mike Vrabel said his right-hand man John Streicher compiled theirs with his input.

It’s the first I can remember that makes the Titans a three-wide base offense, an idea I both love and will believe when I see the Titans lined up in 11 more often than in 12, or two-tight.DepthChart1

Are the Titans a three-wide base offense, I asked.

“I think we could be in three-wide receivers, four-wide receivers, we could be in three-tight ends,” Vrabel said. "...Looking at the practice schedule that's what I thought today so we went with three wides."

Yeah, they won’t be in four-wide or three-tight end to open a game with any regularity and a Monday mood snapshot isn't what we're looking for or what the NFL technically requests, though they don't really care. I just fail to see what it would hurt to one time actually provide a snapshot of what the actual base offense looks like. And if it's three wides, how about the right three wides?

(Depth-chart reading reminder, read a position all the way across, left to right, then come back to the second line.)

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