First impression: Adam Humphries and Rodger Saffold will be fan favorites like Kenny Vaccaro

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Kenny Vaccaro said he did a lot of retweeting while waiting on his new deal with the Titans because there was so much positive stuff coming at him on social media and he knows how unusual that is.

All those good vibes were flying at him because of the way he played for the Titans in 2018. He brought the team a style and level of production that, paired with his personality, made him a big-time fan favorite.


After Vaccaro chatted with us, what struck me most as two of the Titans three outside additions – Adam Humphries and Rodger Saffold -- met the media is that they are in line to be just as well-liked. [Unlocked.]

At 5-foot-11 and 195 pounds, Humphries has an everyman quality. He also stayed true to what amounted to a handshake deal with the Titans when he didn’t have to, as the Patriots came back at him to offer more during the negotiating period before free-agency officially began.

That Humphries didn’t change his mind as go to the Patriots scores him huge points with the Titans before he takes a single practice snap.

He explained it in a way that would go over well anywhere but will jive particularly well with Nashvillians.

Saffold was not reserved when it came to pronouncing himself a leader who can help make the Titans a more physical line, better at the outside zone runs that should be a foundational element for Derrick Henry and the offense.

The Titans were not able to talk like that last season because they weren’t playing like it, and Saffold’s presence and tone offer hope they can return to what a fan of any team wants up front on offense in terms of attitude.

And how about this goal?

The third free-agent addition, Cameron Wake, has not made it to Nashville yet but it expected in the next couple days.

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