Friendships, biceps and chicken parm: DaQuan Jones Takes a Lap

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- DaQuan Jones had been a pretty effective player in his first four seasons. While he may not have brought the pass rush, his early-down run-stuffing work was a key dirty-work cog for the Titans.JonesLapTakeALap 2

But in 2018, his play dropped off and he wasn't happy about it.

It certainly made me wonder about the deal Jon Robinson gave him in 2018 at $7 million a year for three years, with the first two seasons guaranteed.

He looked a whole lot better in camp and the preseason. And as we took a lap, he talked me through how his recovery from a 2017 biceps injury was a big factor in last season's disappointment as well as how his friendship with Harold Landry has blossomed, how he determines the right size dogs for a big guy to have as pets, how his dad keeps the chicken parm recipe Jones craves a secret and more. 

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