mdi construction barHOUSTON – Fun with overreaction tweets.

PK: Take away his rookie year when Matt Hasselbeck was the starter, and Jake Locker started 52 percent of his games. Marcus Mariota has started 86 percent. Not close to the same Not close.

PK: Ridiculous. He’s not the world’s greatest coach by any means. He’s done a good job with this team. You want not just the coach but his staff fired? So who exactly would coach the team? All those great coaches out on the street unemployed.MDI 2

PK: They were coming off consecutive wins. You think he’s lost the locker room over one game? Really?

PK: Please tell me, exactly, how the Jacksonville and Seattle wins qualified as gutless?

PK: The NFL has multiple starters who are not good enough to play. Where is this storage cabinet loaded with all the high-quality backups, do you think? Colin Kaepernick, with time in the system, would be better than Cassel. They didn’t choose that route.

PK: So we cherry-pick Sean McVay but we don’t look at Kyle Shanahan (0-4) or Anthony Lynn (0-4)?

PK: You can’t be serious.

PK: In trouble with whom?

PK: Wait, are you saying EVERYTHING? One terrible loss undoes everything? Like they should fire Jon Robinson even?

PK: Terrible, terrible game by Mike Mularkey and everyone involved. Please explain how when Marcus Mariota is throwing the ball over people’s heads that’s Mularkey?

PK: It’s so clear how every team who’s ever fired a coach during a season has gotten a huge morale boost and played better. #sarcasm

PK: Because if no one is fired, the team can’t possibly understand how poorly it played?

PK: Mariota has now been hurt a grand total of once while running.

PK: Who would you like to have been third? Alex Tanney went on IR before cuts. Tyler Ferguson is a) on the practice squad and b) horrible.

We will end on a good note:

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