Happy Birthday to us: My thanks to you a year into PaulKuharsky.com

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A year ago today, with little understanding of what creating my own business would entail, I took the plunge and launched this site.

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Roughly three months before, when ESPN.com did not exercise an option for a 10th year for me, I felt the sort of uncertainty that comes with losing a job.

And many of you told me better things were ahead, that it’d prove a blessing.

I figured it was just what people said, a standard line I’d offered myself to friends and colleagues. My uncle in Arizona insisted it would be the case, that when it had happened to him it proved a fantastic launching point.

He and the rest of you were right.

With complete independence, I've felt liberated. I can write what I want, ignore what I want and I don't have to meet the expectations of middle-man editors who have never seen the Titans' practice facility better yet worked their locker room. I don't have to write stuff conceived by the whims of big bosses, either.

I'm thankful that the Titans have treated me exactly the same as they did when I spent 12 years at The Tennessean and nine at ESPN and as the local veteran, I've been able to offer context you can't find elsewhere. 

But for this whole thing to work and grow as it has so far, it's needed you -- and you guys have been fantastic.


In a year, we've had 2,034,176 page views and 907,563 uniques. That feels pretty good to me.

We've created a great community, a club. We have great conversations on Periscope/ Facebook Live. On our private Facebook page you guys have connected in ways beyond anything I would have expected, going so far as to favor fellow members when you have tickets to sell or give away. In the Starting 22, along with an incredible circle of trust, friendships have been built.

So it's a long-winded thank you.

It must include the talented Madison Blevins, who co-hosts many of my podcasts and is a huge help with the administration of the site.

And it must include our sponsors.


Out title sponsor is the place to go if you're looking for a good ticket at a good price. They helped me get the seat I needed for U2 and Imagine Dragons.  It's our local Stub Hub, and it's the place to buy or sell tickets to games nd concerts. Members of this site get five percent off purchases from Tennessee Tickets.

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MDI Construction sends me on the road, and this year that includes London. Michael Crawley wants his company's name out there and he'd love your business, but he's also a big believer in what I do. I'm incredibly grateful --MDI Construction, high-quality commercial, retail and industrial construction since 2003. Their building and bidding timetable can’t be matched.

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Pickers sponsors all our broadcasts on Periscope and Facebook Live -- including the member exclusive we had with Jon Robinson -- as well as our (typically) weekly mailbags. I'm a huge Moscow Mule guy, and Pickers is perfect in them. Beyond the regular, they offer blueberry, blood orange and pineapple. They also have four varieties of amazing canned cocktails, including a mule.

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I've lived in Nashville longer than anywhere else in my life, so I like to think of myself as a kindred spirit with Yazoo - a Nashville original. They've got a beer for everybody. Mine is the Hefeweizen. They are gracious sponsors of our podcasts, which have included exclusive interviews with Mike Vrabel and his high school coach, Samari Rolle, fantasy expert Evan Silva and much more.

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A great place to order Pickers and/or Yazoo to chase some hot chicken, Party Fowl just opened in Donelson, a third location to go with Murfreesboro and The Gulch. They've sponsored guest posts by John Glennon, John McClain and Steve Cavendish, allowing me to share other voices and occasionally take a breath.

Stay tuned for a huge announcement about more involvement from them coming soon.


Now let's get working on Year 2.

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