Frank Piraino Not On Brian Callahan's New Titans' Staff

Frank Piraino
  Frank Piraino

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Frank Piraino was bound to go. After three years where the Titans used at least 85 players a season because of an onslaught of injuries, the strength and conditioning coach, who became director of sports performance along the way, paid the price.

His three assistants remain behind on Brian Callahan's new staff, the bulk of which was announced Tuesday. Brian Bell, Tyler Rouse and Haley Roberts are likely to be judged by Piraino's replacement, running the weight room for players who are  working at team headquarters.

Is the strength and conditioning program likely a piece of what has been wrong for the Titans? Sure.

Is this alone the fix? Don't bet on it. When Colton Dowell runs down the sideline and on a special teams play double-teamed, gets tangled up and winds up with a torn ACL, that's not a strength and conditioning issue, no matter how much fans want to gang up with torches and pitchforks and holler Piraino's name.

There are many factors mixed with a great dose of bad luck involved in what's gone on.

But a new head of the department will bring a new approach and hopefully better luck too. Mike Vrabel wanted a particularly physical style of play and that, combined with the training methods of Piraino, were part of what created problems.

While vice president of sports medicine Todd Toriscelli has big awards and accolades and has sent three people onto high ranking jobs, I think he and his department should have been looked at too.

Getting players back into action is different than injury prevention, but looking at everything is looking at everything. Instead the Titans involved him on some level in the search for Callahan. They didn't examine that department at all.

Word is Toriscelli can basically choose his retirement date, which will likely be after next season.

Some thoughts on other members of the new staff.

Bo Hardegree – quarterbacks
It's good to have a guy who's worked with a lot of different types of QBs, even if they haven't all had wild success. Hardegree's list: Aidan O’Connell, Derek Carr, Mac Jones, Jay Cutler, Matt Moore, Brock Osweiler and Ryan Tannehill.

Tracy Rocker – defensive line

During his three seasons as part of Mike Munchak's staff, I always felt as if Rocker felt like more of a college coach. But Blake Beddingfield points out more teacher types are needed in the league than ever. And Rocker helped maximize a guy like Karl Klug.

Rocker is the second member of Munchak's defensive staff to return for Callahan, joining inside linebacker coach Frank Bush.
Tom Jones – assistant to the head coach
His final two of 25 seasons with the Raiders were as vice president of football operations/assistant to the head coach. He may have a lot of similar duties but it's certainly a title reduction.

Special teams -- TBD

The Titans had one known interview for special teams coach with Thomas McGaughey, but that spot and a Piraino replacement are the biggest remaining spots for Callahan to fill.

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