How often do you want to see the Titans wear light blue?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The recent fan/brand rankings from an Emory University study put the Titans dead last in the NFL.

It seemed harsh to me given some of the teams ahead of Tennessee, but the Titans are undoubtedly in the bottom third or quarter of the league.TitansBlues

Clad in new uniforms this season and playing under a new coach with new systems, they will have a chance to begin to grow the brand.

We’ve talked on The Midday 180 about how Vanderbilt baseball does itself a disservice by wearing red, white and blue at times. The patriotic push and tribute to veterans is nice. But if someone if flipping channels and comes across Vanderbilt, whose brand is black and gold, the school loses that clear identifiability.

The Titans new uniforms don’t include a random color –


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