How often was Marcus Mariota on time in Tuesday's practice?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans’ offense didn’t look synched up on Tuesday in the teams’ final significant practice before their preseason debut Thursday night in Green Bay.IMG 3407

All sorts of elements are at play. I didn’t think Marcus Mariota threw the ball particularly well until the end. His targets were imprecise at times. And the defense is at a point, at practice 11, where it can often anticipate what is coming and jump it without risk of consequence.

On The Midday 180, I asked Matt LaFleur about the ball coming out on time.

“In the NFL, that’s paramount to good quarterback play,” he said. “We always talk about decision, timing and accuracy. So we're grading these guys on every play in terms of is the ball coming out on the right hitch or on the plant or on the second hitch? Those guys are constantly, probably annoyed by us in terms of just being on them every snap, whther it’s seven-on-seven or team.


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