NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans, contrary to what the local paper would tell you, are not in control of their playoff destiny.

Until a few minutes ago, The Tennessean has a story that published at  7:00 a.m. CT Dec. 18 that led like this. (See photo.)

IMG 5050

That was finally just corrected.

Jason Wolf made a common mistake that inexperienced reporters make -- he shouldn't be making it at this stage of his career -- and concluded he could figure it out. But it's complicated and he failed to get it right.

The article was just changed, and from what I saw the new version includes no mention of having been incorrect for a long time, which is incredibly weak. 

But a fan whose name I am trying to secure to give credit reached out and shared the real story.

If the Titans win out and the Bills and Ravens win out and the Jaguars beat the 49ers Sunday, the Titans would miss the playoffs.

The head to head tie-breaker would not apply because Buffalo did not play the Ravens or Titans. The next tie-breaker is conference record which would be a tie. Then it would go to common opponents. Baltimore would win that at 5-0, Buffalo second at 4-1 and the Titans would be 3-2.

I've confirmed that scenario with the Titans. 

There are plenty of others in play as well. 

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