How Titans' following union suggestion for offseason can affect team

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Count the Titans among the growing list of teams that don’t intend to show up in large numbers in-person for organized team activities during the offseason.

The impetus around the league has been that players don't believe the COVID-19 risks in-person create enough of a benefit for a winning trade-off compared to working on their own in combination with virtual meetings.TitansPAstatement

The missed phases two and phase three can be a setback for young players but showed themselves to be largely unnecessary for quality of overall play when missed last year, along with preseason games, in 2020.

Phase two runs from May 17-21 and includes on-field drills with coaches with no contact and things moving at a teaching pace.

Phases three includes 10 days of OTA practices that go at full speed but include no contact. [Unlocked.]

That concludes with a three-day mandatory minicamp.

Workout bonuses are not a factor as the Titans have none scheduled, per overthecap.com.

Mike Vrabel told me last Thursday he had no expectation about his players' intentions.

A second year without the workouts could have a big effect for players the Titans really need to contribute, like Kristian Fulton and Darryton Evans, who made minimal contributions last season after injuries slowed them during camp and then again during the season.

Their likely inability to get the snaps with teammates and work and review with coaches could ultimately give players like Jeremy McNichols, Breon Borders and Kareem Orr better odds for better roles or for more secure roster spots than they otherwise would have because of their experience.

Other players who are likely to suffer from the missed time: Second-year men Larrell Murchison, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine and Teair Tart, new lower-level free agents Ola Adeniyi and Matthias Farley and Jullian Taylor, a street free agent.

But a three-game preseason and a healthy camp can do a lot to wash away that missed offseason.apple icon 144x144 precomposed

It's hard to know what rookies who are not yet drafted will do, as they are not part of the union yet and clearly aren't part of the group that has agreed to the above consensus and statement. But first-year guys are generally expected to fall in line with veterans, and going against them could create immediate friction when everyone is together in the locker room.

The players who need to be at the facility are, probably, mostly guys rehabilitating from injuries, who have probably been training there under the eye of director of sports medicine Todd Toriscelli and strength and conditioning coach Frank Piraino for some time already.

We know A.J. Brown had cleanup surgeries on both his knees after the season. 

Dennis Kelly is the Titans' union representative and indications are he maintains that role despite his release earlier this offseason until the players elect a replacement this summer or fall.

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