NASHVILLE, Tenn. – There are a lot of people who work for the Titans in capacities we don’t really see, effecting the football side of the operation in unknown ways.PK.comLogo badge vintage HiRes 1

I was struck on Wednesday that Mike Vrabel casually mentioned two of them as he was listing others. That he mentions them, and the way he mentions them, speaks some to who he is and how he operates.

With no detail he cited Sheila Peters and Zak Kuhr, two names I’d not heard before.

Peters is a Nashville psychologist and the team clinician who is working with Chic Ejiasi, the team’s director of player engagement, in Zoom sessions helping indoctrinate rookies.

Vrabel mentioned Kuhr as he ticked of the people he sees in a Zoom meeting now just as he’d see them assembled early in a real offensive line meeting.

It turns out Kuhr was hired to replace Matt Pees, the quality control coach who left the team after two years along when his dad, Dean Pees, retired as defensive coordinator.

Matt Pees went to Findlay, Ohio to coach high school football while Kuhr came from a job with the Texas Longhorns.

Kuhr has ties to Vrabel from Ohio State and worked with Vrabel’s assistant at Texas State and James Madison.

Kuhr is a low-man on the team’s coaching tree who’s not even mentioned on the team’s web site yet; Peters, like Ejiasi, is surely influential for young men coming into the league needing to sort through a lot of information. 

But like anyone who does anything to help Vrabel and the Titans work to get better, the head coach doesn’t hesitate to mention them. The franchise is only two head coaches removed from one who might have barely looked them in the eye.

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