In Titans, Kristian Fulton finds the team that's 100 percent confident

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Kristian Fulton surely saw his name in a lot of first-round mock drafts, but he was at peace with lasting until the Titans grabbed him at No. 61 in the second.

“It was extremely tough,” he said. “But I kept reminding myself that the perfect fit will come for me, that I don’t want to go to a team that’s not 100 percent confident in me.”Fulton

(Photo courtesy LSU athletics.)

The Titans had been one of the first teams to show big interest in him, they were one of the first to talk to him at the combine in Indianapolis. But he also felt strong interest from the Vikings, Cowboys, Raiders, Saints and Falcons. [Unlocked.]

The 100 percent confidence came from Tennessee.

Fulton met Adoree’ Jackson when LSU played at Vanderbilt. He knows Kevin Byard’s play. As a New Orleans native, he was well aware of Kenny Vaccaro when he played for the SaintsDraft2020 3D

Told that trio leads a secondary that lives my a My Man Catch No Balls mantra, he said, “I like that.”

“You all want to be on the same page, get to that point where you can trust everybody on the field and know they are going to do their job,” Fulton said. “…Coming in as a rookie I want to learn how they play, what they are comfortable doing, what they need me to do so I can come in, step in and we can already have that connection heading into training camp…

“I’m definitely going to talk to those guys on the phone and get to know each other better so we already have somewhat of a chemistry when we get together.”

The Titans like that Fulton played at a high level at a top program in a top conference.

He broke up 25 passes in his final two collegiate seasons but intercepted only two passes. He said a handful of other picks were washed away by penalties he was not involved in.

Vrabel said the job in the matching, quarters defense he was playing was to prevent catches, and trying to catch passes prompts corners to take their eyes off their man. Take-aways come more often off tips, or chances in zone.

Fulton can play inside, but the Titans may mix and match their nickel man based on matchups now. Vrabel recently spoke of it turning into less of a horizontal position, which is clearly the basis for the team moving away from Logan Ryan, who remains a free agent.

Screen Shot 2020 04 24 at 11.20.03 PM“You have to be able run at that position,” Vrabel said. “You see Jalen Reagor and Brandon Aiyuk and all these receivers, Henry Ruggs and right on down the list, however many that went. They can all run. So you’re going to have to have guys that can run that can cover, that’s just the nature of the position.”

“I don’t know where everybody is going to fit and nobody does. But I certainly like the player and we’ll start working with him as soon as we possibly can.”

Fulton was well prepared for questions about his low moment. He switched a urine sample and was suspended as a result in 2017.

“It taught me a lot about accountability and mental toughness,” he said. “I thought I had it going into my sophomore year. I learned that I didn’t, that there was another level I had to elevate myself to.”

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