It's a big game, but the season doesn't ride on today

mdi construction barJACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Titans need to play better in the division and they need to return to Nashville at 1-1.

Fans are talking about a must win and I've got some people on Twitter telling me this game determines if the Titans are for real or not.

Certainly they need a win.

Per The Big Lead, since 2006, just 10 teams that started 0-2 and advanced to the postseason

But if they lose it's not a death-blow to the season.

They started 1-3 last year and got to 9-7 and had plenty of chances at one more win that would have gotten them to the playoffs.MDILogo2

They can lose today and still make a dramatic improvement in the division. They can lose today and still win the division. They can lose today and still find a way into the playoffs.

They would make it a lot harder on themselves, however.

I believe there is a tank a team draws on during the season, and an 0-2 season requires a team to really draw on that tank early and often. The fight back to .500 is a difficult one, and some of the energy spent doing so isn't available later.

They win this game and head home and everything is fine. They lose and while the city panics they can still be OK.

It'd be nice if they made it easier on themselves.

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