Jeff Fisher: If Vince Young did write me a letter, he didn't even spell my name right

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In June of 2017, Vince Young told Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated he’d written an apology letter to Jeff Fisher attempting to make amends.

Jeff FisherPer Young, he never heard back.

Saturday at 104.5 The Zone’s SportsFest at First Tennessee Park, Fisher was a featured speaker, reminiscing as the Titans approach their 20th season.

And I had a chance to ask him about the letter.

“Yes, I got a letter from Vince,” Fisher said. “And I didn’t respond. My name was spelled wrong on the letter, the letter came from the University of Texas, and I had no way of knowing if it was (really) from him. It came from the athletic department. But my name was spelled incorrectly.

“I still have it. But I didn’t know if it was from him so I felt no need to respond."

Fisher – not Fischer – said he gets a lot of mail.

“I thought if it was from him he would have maybe spelled my name right,” he said.

Young did work at the University of Texas in the division of diversity and community engagement, I couldn’t really piece together the timetable of when he as there and when he wasn’t.

Among the accusations Young made in that article: “Young says he would sometimes arrive early for a meeting, only to learn it had been canceled, unannounced, and that the coach was out fishing with (Kerry) Collins.

Fisher declined to talk to Bishop for that piece.

“I’ve been asked many, many times to comment in response to three of his comments, and I had nothing to gain my commenting because all three of his comments were false, they were not true,” he said. “I know the truth, so I stayed away from all that.”

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A few other items from The Midday 180’s long talk with Fisher:

--In an interview with us in December he spoke of leaving the Rams in pretty good shape and got blasted for it pretty good.

“The reality is we built a pretty good football team when I was there,” he said when I asked about the reaction. “They needed some moves that needed to be made and they did an outstanding job. I’m really happy for Sean McVay.”

--Before the Jaguars and Titans squared off in Jacksonville for the AFC title at the conclusion of the 1999 season, both teams sent advance teams to Atlanta because the Super Bowl was going to be held there the very next week.

Jaguars officials were pretty overbearing during that overlapping trip, Fisher recalled, going so far as to put team decals on what would have been their fleet of cars for Super Bowl week.

Fisher said he told the Titans about that and further indications Jaguars brass thought the game was in the bag. Tennessee they won in Jacksonville, 33-14 to advance to the franchise's lone Super Bowl.

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