TitansLogoGlassNASHVILLE, Tenn. – Jim Schwartz is back. Kind of.

It’s not in the role initially reported by Brent Dougherty, as a senior assistant. At least not yet. [UPDATE, Wednesday morning: The Titans announced Schwartz is their "senior defensive assistant." Hat tip to Dougherty who had it  Fresh story coming.]

Sources tell me that for right now it amounts to a consultant job that may entail a few days a week. Its final shape has not yet been determined, though Schwartz may have been at work for several weeks already.

As the 2020 season ended, reports said Schwartz would let his contract as Eagles' defensive coordinator expire and take a year off, perhaps contemplating retirement. Philadelphia wound up firing head coach Doug Pederson.

Schwartz maintains a home in Nashville and one in Maryland.

He rose through the ranks of Titans assistants to be Jeff Fisher’s defensive coordinator from 2001-08, as some sort of defensive assistant.

He’s just the sort of outside veteran coaching voice, with no previous personal connection to Mike Vrabel. I was disappointed was not a part of the revised coaching staff the team announced at the end of January.

He’s not on the staff here but in an evolving role I'd imagine can be a sounding board for Vrabel and bring ideas and feedback to the Titans' coach as well as executing assignments given to him. 

Schwartz was head coach of the Lions (2009-13) after which he served one-year as coordinator in Buffalo (2014) and a long-tenure (2015-2020) in the same role in Philadelphia.

A 4-3 guy, such a front-loyalty matters far less in today’s hybrid league. The Titans are a base 3-4, but can just as easily have five up front. And in nickel they will start with four across now in Bud Dupree, Jeffery Simmons, Denico Autry and Harold Landry.

I’m a big fan of Schwartz, dating back to his time as a defensive assistant with the 1999 Titans.

apple icon 144x144 precomposedWith the Eagles, Schwartz had a large degree of independence as Doug Pederson’s defensive coordinator for the last five years. Pederson is an offensive guy.

Schwartz is an alpha like Vrabel. If he took a regular coaching job, I am sure he would have adjusted as needed. But I’d guess he didn’t seek such a job and Vrabel isn’t looking for him to fill a traditional role.

Now he’s starting off in a spot where he can provide valuable input and be of influence in a unique way that doesn’t provide for too many voices.

Mike Munchak made that mistake in 2013 when he brought back Gregg Williams as senior defensive assistant working with coordinator Jerry Gray, an arrangement players later said was confusing.

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