Kevin Byard on Logan Ryan's impending free agency, Titans' new DB coach

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – The Friday before the Super Bowl came with a change for The Midday 180 to visit with Kevin Byard and Jason McCourty.


The Titans safety and the former Titans cornerback shared thoughts on the two big issues in the team’s defensive backfield: New position coach Anthony Midget and the pending free agency of Logan Ryan. [Unlocked]

McCourty on Ryan: "There is nothing better than playing your best year in the last year of your contract. He’s a guy who’s still young. He came off what, a three-year, $30 million contract? He’s commanded more.

"So I think he would probably love to stay in Nashville, everybody likes to stay where they are successful. But it’ll be up to the front office obviously to pay him what his worth is. His free agency comes now, same as [his brother Devin McCourty] and a lot of other guys."

Byard on Ryan: “I’m a little scared (of losing him in free agency) because I know the kind of work he put in this year or just puts in period. I’ve worked out with him on the offseason. I know the production. This guy was probably the most productive guy if not on our defense on our team this year.

"He’s going to get everything he deserves, everything he has coming for him, I hope it’s with the Titans. But I understand, I know the business, I know this guy is going to have one of the better markets out there in the free-agent market. …I’m pretty sure he wants to be with the Titans.”apple icon 144x144 precomposed

Byard on Midget: “I looked him up, I saw that he and Vrabel cam\e to Houston together. So, I am pretty sure they have a great relationship. I know that’s something that’s really big with Vrabel, being able to work with guys he has relationships with, guys he can trust, guys who can provide some things like that.

"So I think its going to be great that Vrabel’s going to want to continue doing the things we’ve been doing. He’ll just come into the room and bring his own personal touch, but we’re always going to have that same standard in our room.”

The whole Byard interview.

The whole Jason and Devin McCourty interview

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