Larrell Murchison's versatility along D-line can bring Titans value

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In Larrell Murchison the Titans hope to have found a versatile piece for their defensive line who can play all three positions and provide depth.

He was the 174th pick, a fifth-rounder who has a chance to add to Jon Robinson’s good track record in a round that had produced Jayon Brown, Tajae Sharpe and LeShaun Sims.


(Photo courtesy NC State athletics.)

At 6-foot-2½, 297 pounds and with 4.89 speed, he played up and down the line at N.C. State. [Unlocked.]

While the Titans moved on from Jurrell Casey, their defensive line will center on Jeffery Simmons and DaQuan Jones. Veteran addition Jack Crawford will chip away at the available snaps where Murchison will have a big opportunity.

In his conference call with the Nashville media he repeatedly emphasized his versatility. He played fullback and defensive end in high school and decided on defense at Louisburg junior college.

“Being able to move around, I feel like that’s going to be helpful,” he said. “Just me going to different positions, learning how to play those, I’m able to stretch all the way around, I feel like that helps me out a lot...”Murchison

“It’s just me feeling comfortable wherever I’m at, just getting the coaches to trust me in different positions. It’s just learning the techniques. Once I learn the techniques or how to do it, I feel like I’ll do whatever task you’ve got for me to do.”

And he sounds very much like a Titans' guy already.

"I'm a team-first guy, always," he said.

Jon Robinson said Murchison was the last guy he reviewed as he went to bed Friday night. He was then really excited that he lasted 61 picks for the Titans on Saturday as the Titans didn't have a fourth-rounder as part of last year's Ryan Tannehill trade.

Here is part of Blake Beddingfield's recent scouting report on Murchison: "High-effort player who works hard in games to get free in run game or on pass rush. Uses his natural leverage and pad level to get under OL pads. Has strong one-arm stab. Can separate from blocks with his foot speed and strength in punch. Movement player. Good lateral skills to jump gaps and penetrate to create havoc in backfield. Has good awareness and instincts to make the plays behind the line of scrimmage. Very good at closing down space off snap with his get-off and immediate move."

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