Let no preseason in 2020 mark the end of forcing the most loyal fans to buy preseason tickets

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Good will be found in the results of coronavirus-adjusted sports.

Somewhere in what we are left with, will be stuff worth liking. And while it’s hard to have faith in management in much of it, wise leagues will listen to their fans and be responsive.BrushTitansFan

In 2021, the NFL preseason will be reduced from four games to three, to help keep the league at 20 total games as the regular season expands from 16 to 17 games.

But what if the NFL – and its fans -- realize that a season with zero preseason games season in 2020 (per multiple reports) is a fully functional model? Or at least show a reduction to one or two can easily work?

C’mon, pray the prayer and dream the dream with me.

I don’t know how many season ticket-holders who were allowed to opt-out this year, did so. But those of you who did are going to find some advantages in watching home games from home.

  • You aren’t going to deal with any traffic.
  • You won’t worry about whether the team has made it any easier to get into Nissan Stadium.
  • You’re going to have access to whatever food and drink you want whenever you want it and you will have paid super-reasonable prices for it at a grocery and liquor store.
  • Provided your Wifi is good you can see your fantasy team details and highlights at any time.

There is more, but you catch my drift. And sure, the downside is you may miss some classics like last year's Chiefs game.

Many of you will find the home-viewing experience unsatisfying and you will feel the urge to commune again with fellow fans.

Others may feel liberated and decide a periodic stadium visit will suffice. For me, that might be the case, particularly if the Titans and the NFL told me when it’s time to opt back in that my 2021 season tickets would again include the same-old rip off of a preseason game or two as mandatory purchases.

If in a pandemic, the NFL can survive with no preseason games. Presuming a normal summer 2021, it’s going to be hard to argue the need to go back to three.

No one outside of greedy owners and some coaches married to old-school ways thinks that a full slate is needed, and the No. 1 theme of preseason is to not get guys hurt. Full price for a game featuring guys trying to hold on and undrafted rookies trying to edge is patently unfair.

Preseason NFL games are the biggest ripoff in sports and everyone knows it. That is really saying something given the prices we are willing to pay across sports for bad seats and bad food, for parking a good distance from the venue, for cable channels and many other things.apple icon 144x144 precomposed

The NFL will act like it is giving preseason games up this year because the players have made a convincing case they aren’t worth the risk.

But really the NFL will give them up because the lost gate and the much lesser TV money isn’t too hard to swallow.

Fans should let it be known that while they may want season tickets back when football is back the way we’ve always been used to it, you are less interested if full-priced preseason tickets aren’t detached from the package.

Amy Adams Strunk has a chance to be a real revolutionary here and lead the way where her colleagues will have no chance but to follow and her fans just might reinvest that money in upgrades for the real games or more merchandise from the pro shop.

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