Mailbag: On Marcus Mariota's stats, the Titans' use of three-wide and must-wins

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Welcome to the weekly mailbag, where we cover a lot of ground, not just one item like you will find in some mailbags.

PK: Yes, but this is a fan problem, not a team problem. If you’re a fan of a team you need to remain conscious of where fantasy football ends and real football starts. He’s hardly played his best and his stats aren’t impressive. And they’re 5-3. I think his best football this season is still ahead of him, which bodes well for him. But whether his numbers are good or not, I think if you’re a football fan in Nashville and this team stays on its current course, you should probably be more excited about it. (You can not be excited if you don’t want to be of course. But I don’t know that you can claim to be a giant fan if they are 6-3 heading to Pittsburgh and you say “meh.”)

Check out this picture I took Friday. (Yes, I tinkered with some settings.)IMG 3880