Mailbag: Prioritizing depth free agents, Mike Vrabel's spread attention, Hall of Fame voters

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- I have gotten no good mail at the curb this week.

On Twitter and on Facebook, I have fared better.

So after you listen to the podcast from early this week, you may read on.


PK: I think Dennis Kelly has great value. I don’t think they’d want him to be the starter, though he could be if they are in a jam. But he’s a great guy to have to fill in for a few games and he could compete for the spot. So I’d put him high.

I really liked what Kamalei Correa was doing late in the season. To me, he jumped from just a guy to a guy who was making plays and after all the play-time investment they made in him I’d hope they could strike a deal to keep him as a piece. He just needs to rank properly in the rotation.

It would be great for Tajae Sharpe to be on the team – he did what they needed him to do, quite reliably. But I would expect he believes he can find a No. 3 job somewhere as opposed to him No. 4 role with the Titans, andTicketsBox I would hope Tennessee could put that No. 4 role at risk with a speed guy who will stretch defenses far more regularly that Kalif Raymond did.

Chris Milton was hurt a lot, but the guy is an absolute demon on special teams, a real rarity.

I also think MyCole Pruitt did some good work, and they’ve got to know they are upgrading that spot before they allow him to walk. Though I have no idea what sort of market there will be for him.

Chris Henry What do you think about the possibility of the team signing Kelly over Conklin. Then drafting a RT in say the 3rd. I feel like they could get him cheaper without losing too much production. He did say he was trying to win that spot last offseason before TL was suspended.

PK: I'd lean this way, which would be way cheaper, of course, then use the Jack Conklin money on a veteran pass rusher who makes it to market. But Kelly is not as good a player as Conklin over a 16 game season. If the third-rounder needed some time at the start Kelly could handle that.

But if he's a major conference guy who stays healthy through camp, he should be able to be a three-day starter.

PK: It’s a good question. I think the answer is in between.

The needs are obvious. Ensure Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry are back, even if not long-term. Address slot corner and right tackle, either with Logan Ryan and Conklin or an outsider or two. Find a damn edge rusher to alter the defense. Add a speed receiver.

They’ve got to address all of that whether the jump is a big one or a small one, right?

Eric North How are the hall of fame voters selected? Once you’re selected, how long are you able to pick? Is it reviewed/changed at some point?

HallFinalists2020PK: There is one selector from each NFL team’s market and then 16 more who are at-large/ national. Two of those guys are Hall of Famers who are in the media, James Lofton and Dan Fouts. The Hall chooses the selectors, and I believe the teams of the regional selectors have some sort of sign off that they are comfortable with the representation.

There is no set term. You have to continue to work for an outlet in the market, or covering the NFL. The turnover I have seen is based on people falling outside of that.

Trey Dickerson Since it seems unlikely that we will sign both Tannehill & Henry to multi-year contracts, who do you think the Titans will put the franchise tag on and why?

PK: It’s only unlikely if they fall in line with the prevalent thinking about long-term deals with running backs. The Cowboys didn’t fall in line with that. The Rams didn’t. The Cardinals didn’t.

It’s in the realm of possibility that they could sign both Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry long term.

If they fear a long-term deal for a back, as I believe they should, the Henry should get tagged.

If there is not a new labor agreement before March 18, the team can actually use both a franchise and a transition tag.

Carl Ferrell If Vrabel is defense play calling, what were to happen if he needs to have a chat with a QB or o-lineman, or an offense coach while defense is on the field?

PK: Either he is conveying what he wants said to those guys to other coaches during stops in play through his headset, he’s conveying what he wants to be called to other coaches in similar ways and similar means so he can go have those conversations, or someone else will be calling the defense in those instances.

Some teams have even split up play-calling by downs. So I don’t know what the procedures are going to be, and I don’t know if he’s going to share them. I fear he won’t, though I have no idea what competitive advantage can be gained from keeping that a secret.

And let's not over-complicate: In many instances defensively, the defenses are preset. If we see X, we respond with Y, first disguising with Z.

PK: First off, why draft an insider linebacker, a position where the Titans have three good players, and mapple icon 144x144 precomposedove one of them instead of just finding an outside backer? Secondly, if you were moving one, why in the world would you move Brown, who’s good in coverage, instead of Rashaan Evans, who’s far better coming forward?

The Titans need a consistent edge rush. The easiest route to that is to get someone who’s spent his career rushing from the outside. Maybe he’s a veteran free agent who requires an investment.

PK: Well the needs are outlined above. We really have to see what they do in free agency first.

I think a change-of-pace running back would seem to be a draft position. I think if they let Conklin go, right tackle would seem to be a draft position. I think a speedy receiver would be a draft position.

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