NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Starting Wednesday we will add a new voice to, as Mike Herndon will begin a weekly column.Mike Herndon

Herndon has been writing excellent, unique pieces on the Titans for some time but he’s been underplayed. I’m happy to give him a bigger platform where he can have a bigger spotlight.

He’s a big fan of the team, which obviously makes him quite different from me. But he won’t be writing as a fan here – you know that doesn’t fit with what I do.

He will offer us excellent analytical and insight, and he’s got a way of spotting and seeing things the rest of us don’t and putting them in context. So we will all benefit from getting to see the team through his eyes on a regular basis.

It’s a big move.

After a year when he stepped away from writing, everyone with interest in the team should be pleased that his voice will be back in the mix.

“I couldn't be more excited to be making my return to Titans analysis as a contributor on,” Mike said. “As a native Nashvillian who grew up reading Paul's work during the team's formative years in Tennessee, it's an honor for me to get to work alongside a writer that I greatly admire and respect.

“I look forward to bringing the analytics and film-based breakdowns that I've provided at Music City Miracles and Broadway Sports over the last six years here over the course of the 2022 NFL season.”

He’s a super nice guy so he actually means that stuff, hard as it may be for some of you to believe.

So I hope you’ll look forward to Wednesday’s debut, which will be available to everyone before his work becomes exclusive to members, with only an occasional peek for everybody.

Follow Mike on Twitter here.

And get acquainted or reacquainted with some of his best stuff with these links.

Former Titans scout Blake Beddingfield should be back with his game previews and reviews, so we'll be stacked with great content for you for the entire season.

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