Mike Vrabel's one paragraph definitions of his offense and defense sound great

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Ken Whisenhunt couldn’t identify an identity.

VrabelIntroMike Mularkey couldn’t stray from his.

Among the many good answers we heard from Mike Vrabel at his introductory press conference were short snippets that told us where his offense and defense will start.

Defense: “I have a philosophy defensively that we’re going to have coverage consistency and we’re going to have front multiplicity. We have great players. We’re going to introduce our coverage concepts to them, that’s going to remain consistent throughout what we do. And then we’re going to have guys up front that may be geared toward to an under-defense, an over-defense, three-down, five-down – multiplicity in our front. So it’s coverage consistently, front multiplicity.”

The Texans often went to five linemen, forcing offenses to declare one-on-one matchups, one of which was bound to be favorable for Houston.

Offense: “I think we’re going to run the football. We’re going to run it from the quarterback being under center, we’re going to run it from the quarterback being in gun. We’re going to give Marcus (Mariota) some easy access throws, whether that be RPOs or run reliefs. We’re not going to run it into eight or nine guys, we’re not going to be silly. I believe in screens, I believe in play-action, things that he does well. …We’re going to run the football and we’re going to do it from different ways, front different backfield alignments.”

I love those as the baseline answers on what the Titans offense and defense will be. I would think guys in the secondary will hear that and get fired up. I would think guys up front will hear that and get fired up. I would think Marcus Mariota will hear that and be fired up.

I would think the pass catchers and the running backs and the line will all react in similar fashion.

We will go back to those two paragraphs over and over to see how the Titans get to those places and where they go from there once they get there.

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