More details from the Titans on ticket-sale process

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Ticket sales are underway for limited capacity Titans games at Nissan Stadium, and while the team is indicating all season-ticket holders who did not opt-out should wind up in seating pods in the building, some are likely to be upset about placement.


There was significant social media debate about the order in which season-ticket holders were lined up to buy. [Unlocked]

"The order was determined by a number of criteria including current seat locations, tenure, and other factors," said Gil Beverly, senior vice president/chief marketing & revenue officer. "While I understand some of the anxiety around the process, and the fact that we are unlikely to make everyone 100% happy, it’s our hope and expectation that the majority of fans who opted in will have access to every game and tickets locations that set them up for a great fan experience throughout the season. 

The primary source of fan anxiety seems to be the degree to which tenure is factored in. Conclusions based on people sharing their spot in line suggest it's club members who have the early times to pick and purchase seats. But the Titans are business, and it's not surprising that their biggest spenders will be in favorable position. 

"What I would say is that there were hours spent going through all kinds of different scenarios and it’s impossible to solve for every single one of them," Beverly said.

"The ticket limit is based on the desire to a) make sure people can get access to the tickets they want, b) grant flexibility, and c) get as many tickets as possible into the hands of season ticket members/Titan fans as possible. It’s based largely on the math involved in the number of people that opted in vs. the inventory available rather than what people bought in a pre-COVID world."

I encourage you to keep me posted on how things unfold for you. There is a good conversation going already at the member Facebook page.

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