My three preferred scenarios for the Titans in round one

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – My most favorable scenarios for the Titans tonight in the first round of the NFL Draft…

Jaxon Smith-Njigba
Jaxon Smith-Njigba/ Courtesy Ohio State Athletics

1️⃣  Trade back. They have six picks and at least nine spots to address – two wide receivers, two offensive linemen, an in-line tight end, a third-down back, edge depth, a safety, inside backer depth better than a special teamer. They also need a kicker, but that’s likely to come as an undrafted (as are too many of these with six spots.) They are already without a fourth-rounder. The top of this draft is not great, particularly at the positions where the Titans need the most help – offensive tackle and receiver. Get more in the second and/or third rounds.

2️⃣ Occam’s Razor basically says the simplest answer is the right one. A big-time receiver is the hardest thing to find outside of a big-time QB and I don’t think Will Levis or Anthony Richardson qualify. (I’m fine with C.J. Stroud if he falls to them, but they’ll have a hard time surrounding him with talent over the next few years if they give away what it will cost to get to No. 3 for him.) Such a receiver is even harder to find for this franchise.

So do the best research on the guy who looks like the very best one. Mike Vrabel is strongly tied into Ohio State and Ryan Day. Ran Carthon said a one-off injury isn’t an issue. So take the leap of faith that Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Treylon Burks will be two guys who can make plays for the franchise for a long time. I’d be fine with Paris Johnson, Jr. too. I talk through how I have come around on the best receiver and best tackle in this short video edition of the podcast.

3️⃣ Out of all these guys at the non-big need positions, I feel pulled to two. Edge Nolan Smith brings the speed the Titans are coveting. Might he ultimately be like Harold Landry, a chess piece who could be moved around lining up unpredictably? He's small but that sub-4.4 speed is so intriguing. He ran rush and cover. And cornerback Christian Gonzalez jumps out at me. If a team needing offense simply doesn’t see worthy talent on offense at 11 and can't get out, those are two of the most interesting guys to me. But boy would they be set up for things to have to fall in line with their next to picks to address offensive needs.

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