New content: Pregame and postgame scouting reports from former Titans' college scouting director Blake Beddingfield

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Blake Beddingfield was a scout for the Titans for 19 years, and when his time with the team ended in 2017 he had finished the final six as the team's director of college scouting.

He will offer a scouting preview of every game -- starting Thursday in advance of the Titans' preseason opener at Green Bay. And he will provide us with a day-after-the-game review from a scouting perspective.

He'll post the questions a scout has heading into each game and he'll tell us what was answered, what wasn't and what new stuff is a concern.

He's been a guest of The Midday 180, he's done a podcast with me and we announced his role here in a Periscope and Facebook Live.


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