New-look Titans raising ticket prices across the board

The Titans have made big changes that they expect will produce a better product on the field.

And their fans are certainly going to expect it considering the team is raising ticket prices across the board. The increases range from $2-$12 per seat.Titans3logos

Even with the hikes, the Titans will continue to rank as one of the cheapest tickets in the NFL. But given that fans in a lot of markets are finding more reasons to stay home, I’m sure many of you will cringe at the news.

Amy Adams Strunk wrote a letter to go in a season-ticket package that was emailed out this morning.

“In the enclosed paperwork, you will see an increase in pricing for your tickets this year,” she wrote. “I trust you can see the progress we are making as a football team and can see the direct results of your investment.

“Our players, coaches, and the entire front office staff are working tirelessly every day to put the best product on the field to represent you. That is and will remain my commitment to you.”

I used to always believe that better football and more wins would move more tickets. While not always the most attractive in style, the 2017 team raced out to an 8-4 record, finished 9-7 and did qualify for the playoffs.

And things were not discernibly different.

The football team and the marketing department have big work to do. Even for the old prices, fans wanted a more entertaining team and a better game-day experience.

“We have made much progress in posting back-to-back winning seasons, but we have more work to do,” Strunk said. “I spend every day focused on making this football team better, which is why we made changes after the 2017 season ended. I remain dedicated to bringing championship football to you.”

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