NFL explains onside kick gaffe in Titans' loss to Rams

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The NFL has explained how the Titans onside kick that took advantage of the Rams unpreparedness was washed away Sunday at Nissan Stadium.

“The officials inadvertently miscommunicated to the Los Angeles sideline that it was a full timeout instead of a 30-second timeout,” Michael Signora told Jason Wolf of the Tennessean on Christmas and RefGenericrepeated to me Tuesday morning. “When LA was not ready for the kickoff due to the miscommunication, the officials decided to shut it down and allow for a re-kick.”

That’s probably the fair thing to have done.

But that’s a heck of a gaffe, for the officials to not communicate properly the length of the timeout to the Rams bench.

The Titans knew the situation and took advantage of it. And they suffered for someone else’s mistake in a game that was loaded with poor officiating.

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